Ventelo Graphic Design Compo

We want you to fill our logo with content that makes you happy. We provide the framework, you decide the content.


Here you'll find the files you need to create your contribution:

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  1. How to compete?

    We in Ventelo want you to fill our logo with something that makes you and everyone else in the world happy. We provide the framework, you decide the content, the same way as we provide you a broadband connection, while you decide how it should be used.

    Hand in your version of our logo through the web-based compo system. Your entry should be in an Adobe-format (Photoshop or Illustrator), or png, gif or jpg-format. Your entry will be shown on the big screen Saturday night, and you can cast your vote after all entries have been shown.

  2. Deciding a winner

    The entry which receives the most votes through the web based voting system or through text messages is the winner. The winner will be decided saturday night and announced at the prizegiving show around 02:15 am night to Sunday. See TG's schedule for the latest times.

  3. Allowed formats

    Your entry should be handed in in an Adobe-format (Photoshop/Illustrator etc) or png, gif or jpg-format.

  4. Deadline

    Deadline is Saturday 03.04 at noon (12 pm)

  5. Competition show

    The competition show is held at the main stage in the Vikingship Saturday April 3rd around at 10:30 pm. See TG's schedule for the lastest times.

  6. Prizes

    The competition has one winner. The prize for the skilled winner is the latest HTC Desire mobile phone. In addition, the winner will receive 10 T-shirts with his /her own logo printed on them.

  7. Preselection

    A jury will select a maximum of twenty-five (25) entries to be shown to the public and compete for winning the competition. The jury's decision is final, and there is no room for appeals.

    Entries not selected for the show can not be voted for.

  8. General rules

    The general rules for the Gathering 2010 creative competitions apply to this compo.

  9. Rights for entries handed in

    Ventelo reserves the right to use the entries freely, including in commercial applications. By handing in your entry in this competition, Ventelo will own all rights for your entry.

Help and support

If you have any questions or need help related to this competition, you may: