The Environment

The Gathering and our Environment

New Challenges!

At The Gathering we wish to pay our respects to mother Earth, and in that spirit, we have invited a lot of exciting and good thinking people to attend this year’s event.  Amongst others, Bellona will be doing a presentation of Ecowarriors. TG Marketplace will be your arena for buy-and-sell, old & new. Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard and Marit Sandstad will be teaching you all about where our planet comes from. What started it all, why are we here? Take a plunge into exciting subjects such as Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics and Astronomy at The Gathering 2010.

During The Gathering, Recycle is working tirelessly to collect and sort your used cans and bottles. Win amazingly cool prices by contributing your old cans and bottles to this great bunch of friendly people. The volunteer crew of The Gathering will this year, as last year, do an extra effort to collect your garbage. We hope you’ll help out and do your part in the struggle for the Environment. Both inside and outside Vikingeskipet.

Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard and Marit Sandstad

Theese two geniuses will be keeping a presentation each during this years The Gathering. The Main Stage is the arena when these incredible explosion-filled presentations teaches you where we’re from, where we’re going and what happens to stars reaching retirement-age. As said – Experience the greatest explosions of our universe. Rotating remains of former stars, frying atmospheres with their magnetism.  Black holes, eating neighbouring stars like snack on a Saturday. Learn and see it all at The Gathering 2010.

Marketplace at The Gathering!

Got any old stuff? Need cash? Svein from Partyshop will as always be present at The Gathering, providing your everyday needs. News of the year though, is that now he’ll also buy from you! So, got some stuff you don’t need, but that might be useful for someone else? Did you accidentally bring a stressless recliner too much? Are your speakers too big to fit between the rows? Can you only squeeze in 2 of your 3 computers at your table? Fear not – you do not need to discard them as garbage this year.

Go to Partyshop during the day and present your loot to Party-Svein. His criterias is that its sellable. And he decides if it is, he will put it out on the market. Fill your wallets or buy new stuff at amazing rates on the Main Stage every day at 18:15!

Front page photo from National Geographic Stock / Ralph L.Hopkins / WWF