Prize Ceremonies at The Gathering

Gold and glory is what awaits those participating and winning compos at The Gathering.
If you're either a creative soul or a staggeringly fast and routined team player, credit awaits you. Some winners are decided by a jury, others by votes from the audience. After juries and participants have had their say, the lucky winners will be called upon to enter the stage and receive their well deserved minutes in the spotlight. To read more about compos and prizes, check out Creativia and Game on gathering.org.
  • In the creative compos there will be over 180.000 NOK to be given away
  • In addition to prizes to the winners in the creative compos, we'll hand out four "TG Awards" for creative contributions we feel deserve extra credit: Best Execution, Best Innovation, Best Newcomer and Hidden Gem.
In the running up before this year's The Gathering there's been a lot of activity in regard to the game compos. Online qualifications for Trackmania and Counter-Strike 1.6 has taken place during several intense weekends. At The Gathering there will be seven official compos, with over 229.000 NOK cash prizes. Professional teams from many countries are competing, and you should attend to and pay respect to their efforts by coming to the stage to watch the prize ceremonies.
Photo: Snapr on Flickr.