TG Market

Out of Cash? Got any extra gear?

Missing some money for your new GFX card or your next pizza? Got stuff that you don’t need, but can’t get rid of it? TG Marketplace is the place for you. Every day at 6:15pm, the main stage will host a buy-and-sell auction.

The Gathering, Partyshop and Netshop are organizing the TG market. Come to the agora at 5:45pm, bring your stuff, and see if TG’s very own Auctionhouse can find a new home for your well kept goods. Not only used things will be sold here. We'll also auction away new gear. Netshop has provided us with a lot of stuff, with no minimum reserve price.  All proceedings will go to Jacmel School in Haiti. Partyshop will also be selling off goods from their stock the latest technology.

We do not accept just any kind of items. All the stuff you want to sell, must be approved by a Partyshop representative as worthy of auctioneering. For each item you wish to sell, there is a fee of 50 NKR, to be paid in cash to the fundraising glass for Jacmel School.  If the item isn’t sold, you’ll get it back, but the auctioneering fee remains. This fee will go directly to the school in Haiti. Payment for purchases of used items during the auction will be handled directly between buyer and seller. For new stuff you'll have to pay with card. Be aware - trying to sell stolen goods at the auction is absolutely not tolerated. If caught, you will be expelled from The Gathering.

Okay, so let’s mention the key points once more


  • NKR 50,- Auctioneering fee
  • Age limit for selling: 16 years
  • All new items must be paid for by card.
  • The Gathering or any associates offers no guarantees for used items purchased.
  • Any defects/faults must be marked clearly upon presenting your item for sale
  • The Auctioneering fee will  -not- be returned to you if a sale is unsuccessful. So please, don’t bring useless stuff, unless you wish to pay 50 NKR for Jacmel School and not get anything back. (which we of course encourage that you do, but don’t waste the limited auction time on nonsense items)
  • If any hidden defects are discovered after the sale has been made, that we think you as as a seller should have been aware of, you will not get paid for the item, and your fee will still be sent to Haiti. Buyers are entitled to testing that the product functions as described before sellers receive their payment. This will be organized between buyer and seller privately.


So if these terms and conditions are okay with you, please bring your sellable items to the auctioneer in the Agora, every day at 5:45. This is also a chance to preview the items before the auction starts at 6:15. So come early, even though you don’t have anything to sell.