Temporary website for TG11 launched!

Getting us one step closer to The Gathering 2011, we are proud to launch a temporary site. Go gathering.org/tg11 for all the latest news.

Scene.org Awards 2011 at The Gathering!

Scene.org Awards is an annual event where the best demoscene productions from the last year are celebrated and awarded. The Gathering has been a proud sponsor of this event for many years, and TG-participants have followed the show over a video link. Next year the event will take place in the Vikingship!

TheNewsGathering #5 is out!

The latest edition of our in-hall magazine, TheNewsGathering is now up for grabs. We offer you a lot of creatively delicious material written by the finest journalists and artists known to nerds.

The best music made by TG10's participants

The Creativia crew has assembled a music disc with some of the best music and soundtracks from this year's creative compos. All tracks made by participants at The Gathering 2010 - Submerged. Download and experience the true magic of easter!

Thanks for TG10

A greeting from Vegard Skjefstad

Survey (Norwegian only)

KANDU wants YOU to answer this survey to make TG even better (unfortunately, it's in Norwegian only).

Life after The Gathering

If you entered the creative competitions at The Gathering - or if you missed the deadline - and you're looking for more parties with creative competitions, read on!

The attention grabber is up

It can be downloaded from ftp.gathering.org in flac or mp3

Photo: Berge Schwebs Bjørlo

Lost something? Found something?

If you were so unfortunate to lose something or The Universe treated you nice and made you find something, please send us an email at info at gathering dot org.

Did you miss something?

We would like to remind you of our video site, where all the shows and lectures have been uploaded.

Final prize ceremony and winners

The final prizegiving ceremony in the creative compos was held tonight, and TG is officially wrapping up. Read on for a list of all the winners.

The first results are in!

The first results from the creative competitions were presented earlier tonight. Read on to find out if you are one of the lucky winners!

Information about network and power, Sunday

We will cut the network at 11.45a.m. and the electricity at 12 p.m.. All participants must be out by 2 p.m..

TheNewsGathering #4 is out!

The latest edition of our in-hall magazine, TheNewsGathering is now up for grabs. We offer you a lot of creatively delicious material written by the finest journalists and artists known to nerds.

Honoring faithful crew-members

Each year, we give some special attention to those in our crew who's helped out for 10 years.

Vote in the compos!

See the complete list of entries in Thursday's compos, along with information on how to vote for your favourites.

Survey with prizes

By completing our survey here, you can win some great prizes.

Scene.org Awards!

Every year, the demoscene hands out its own awards for the most outstanding achievements of the past 12 months. We will be broadcasting the show in cooperation with Breakpoint in Germany in the auditorium tonight at 20:00!

The Gathering on Facebook

The Gathering has a Facebook fanpage!

The Gathering @ Twitter

You can now follow The Gathering at a title="gatheringorg" href="http://www.twitter.com/gatheringorg">Twitter!

NGA Hype Awards

The game development competitions will be held around 10.30p.m. Saturday night, in cooperation with NGA.

Help us pick a TG-song!

Tech:Server are analyzing all sounds, searching for this year's TG-song!

The Creative Gathering - Day 4

We are approaching the final 24 hours of The Gathering, but boy, oh boy, are those 24 hours going to be great! Click to read about all creative compos, lectures and shows today.

Under Hypnosis

Thursday night we experienced a hypnosis show from the Norwegian hypnotist Henry Leander Andersen. Check out the complete video from the show and see comments from the participants that experienced hypnosis first hand.

Barbecue for you!

This Saturday we're heating up the barbecue and invite all participants to join us!

Winner of QTOUR 1on1 Championship

Raymond "RashiE" Nielsen won the QTOUR Norwegian 1on1 Championship.

Updated: casemod compo! -

There will be a casemod compos at The Gathering this year aswell. The Compo will be held as cooperation between PCWorld Norway and Cooler Master

Two new videos: Tour in the ship and interview with security

Event:Productions has released two new videos.

Vote and make a difference

Remember to vote in yesterday's MS Paint and Photo compos. Click to see the entries and voting instructions.

Sleep puzzle

The previous night many of our participants must have noticed that they needed some rest; all sleeping areas inside the ship were full!

Grab a towel!

Many of our participants have either forgotten their towels or they want to get a new one. The Chillout stand has some awesome looking towels for sale!

Fill your head!

The Creative Gathering is not only a place to experience awesome cutting edge artistry and technical achievement, it is also a place to learn new things, and expand on the things you already know. Read on to find out about todays exciting lectures in the Creative Lounge!

The Creative Gathering - day 3

Day three of The Gathering is well under way. In addition to compo shows from the main stage, we'll teach you advanced techniques for making music, programming and lots more in the Creative Lounge! See what we have in store for you today on the main stage and in the Creative Lounge.

The Fast Intro compo theme is here!

The theme for this years Fast Intro theme is "Horse", "Guillotine" and "Lace". The deadline is set to 18:30.


Creative Kickoff!

Today we kicked off the creative competitions by presenting the first two categories, and attempting the third. Read on to find out more!

More than twice as fast as last year!

In 2009 we weren't able to reach this milestone due to a limit in the network, but Thursday night we passed 11 GBit of data.

Did you get fooled?

For the first time in a few years we had the April Fool's day during The Gathering. Your friends at the Info:Content crew published four untrue articles. Did you get fooled?

Spill.no is giving away prizes worth 27,000 NOK

One of the sponsors for The Gathering, Spill.no, is arranging four competitions and are giving away prizes for 27,000 NOK.

Make stuff, get money!

Do you want to participate in the creative competitions at The Gathering? Read on for important information about how to hand in contributions, and how to vote for who gets the prizes!

The Creative Gathering - Day 2

After a successful first day of TG, the Creativia crew is back with an update on today's upcoming creativity-related events. Read on!

Live stream from the stage!

Follow the stream at http://stream.tg10.gathering.org/.

Photo taken by Steinar H. Gunderson.

The Gathering cup

The coffee cups will be available before The Gathering is done.

We have a video page!

You can watch all the videos produced by Event:Productions!

QTOUR 1on1 Championship

Today and tomorrow we encourage all participants to watch the QTOUR 1on1 Championship which will take place by the stage in The Viking Ship.

DotA-compo has been delayed

The DotA-compo has been delayed, and the brackets have been reorganized.

The Fast remix kit is now available

The Fast remix competition is officially started, and here is the remix kit. Download it and get started on your remix!

Video: The Gathering Day 1

Event:Productions recorded yesterday's biggest events and here's the result.

Nerd swim

ChillOut continues the success from last year, and invites you to take a break from your computer both on Thursday and Friday. Come and have a jolly good time in the swimming pool at Ankerskogen! Free entrance and transport.

New seminars!

The University of Oslo, Department of Informatics, will hold two exciting extra lectures in the Creative Lounge; one on Thursday and one on Friday. Read more on the seminars page.

How to use the food tickets

Before this year's The Gathering you were able to order a decent meal through PTN by buying meal tickets.

Survey from NTNU

Berit Skog at NTNU has asked to do a survey on the participants of The Gathering. Unfortunately it's only available in Norwegian, sorry all foreign friends!

Task assignment for Small HTML compo

The rules for the small HTML competition are announced! Click to read them.

Demo show: The best of The Gathering

Right after the opening ceremony, we kickstarted this year's The Gathering with a 90 minute show of some of the best demos released here over the years. Read on for a list of the demos, along with video and binary links.

First Seminar A Roaring Success

We have just completed our first seminar, and it was a great success, with the Creative Lounge packed with visitors!

Folk music as an opening

This year's openingshow was a completely different experience from previous years. Instead of pyrotechnics, we had video, instead of loud bass music, we had awesome dancing performances.

TheNewsGathering #2 is out!

A shiny fresh newspaper from the first day of this year's best holiday is ready. Lean back and enjoy the latest edition of The Gathering's very own newspaper, TheNewsGathering.

The Creative Gathering – day 1

The party is now up and running, and the Creativia crew is busy preparing for today's compos, lectures and entertainment. Read on to find out what's on the creative plate today.

Faster than last year

If this was 2009 we would already have maxed our internet access.

Problems with sending email?

Use smtp.tg10.gathering.org as a local SMTP-server.

Productive productions

Even before The Gathering has even started yet, the productive members of the Event:Productions crew have managed to produce four videos, and in this article you are able to get a feeling of what to expect during the party.

First in line!

An early arrival may be a big advantage as you get the best spot in the queue. Some of our participants have noticed that arriving the day before increases the chance to enter the ship first during the check-in on Wednesday morning.

How to best avoid theft

We often see that the participants leave their assets and other valuables at their seat, which increases the chance of theft. Here are some simple tips on how to avoid this.

New video from Productions!

Another teaser from Event:Productions.

Tons of data out of the Ship

Have you ever thought about how much the data transferred out of the ship weighs? Well, Chief Tech:Server, Steinar H. Gunderson did the calculations.

Win a paid internship at Cisco

Cisco has announced a competition called "MoreTogether" where the main prize is a paid internship.

Check-in and arrival

We have new routines for the check-in this year, and will repeat the old routines for arrival and parking.

Finally a video from the ship

The hard working guys at Event:Productions have made us a video from the ship

World class casemodding!

Magnus Persson, also known as Wolverine, is one of the best and most artistic casemodders in the world, and he's is coming to TG!

The dinner deal is no longer available

As of now, the dinner deal is no longer available for purchase at Partyticket.

Check your PTN account

Avoid queue – check your PTN account

Webcam stream is UP!

And you can view the result of a beautiful cooperation between tech:net and tech:server here webcam.tg10.gathering.org


Members of the management team at The Gathering and other key personnel are relocating to "Vikingskipet" in the next couple of days. As we will be quite busy when we arrive, there are made some changes to how you can reach us.

Keep your food cool

As you know, a portable cooler is a great way to keep your food chilled and healthy at The Gathering. Since you can't use electric ones, you'll need cooler bricks.

Leave your laser pointers at home

This year, like last year, lasers will not be allowed during The Gathering.

A stage teaser

We know a lot of you are curious about the stage and it's new location, while we're not yet ready to reveal it entirely yet. We are ready to some pictures and words.

Crew and equipment on site

Our guys in Core:Logistics just wanted you to see a couple of pictures from the Vikingskip.

The Gathering and our environment

At The Gathering we wish to pay our respects to mother Earth, and in that spirit, we have invited a lot of exciting and good thinking people to attend this year’s event.

Construction competition

Decorate your constructions based on this year's theme!

Here's something to read

This years first edition of The News Gathering is out (in Norwegian only).

Remember to take backups!

When you're moving your computer gear, there's always a certain chance that something doesn't go as according to plan.


Important information regarding the arrival to The Gathering.

Say hi to Creativia

Curious about who Event:Creativia are and what they are doing?

Go submerged!

Chillout and KANDU has arranged for the participants to go swimming at Ankerskogen for several years. Suitably enough for this year's theme, 2010 will be no exception!

Want to help out with the decorations?

Participate with decorations of Vikingskipet by making your own jellyfishes! Follow this walkthrough and do add your own suggestions on the way...

Your networking cable must be at least 10 metres long!

Remember that in order to reach the nearest switch, your TP-cable (twisted pair) must be at least 10 metres long.

This is how you will spend your easter!

The schedule for The Gathering 2010 is out, follow this link to see what you will be doing this easter.

Crew For A Day

Just like last year, you can apply for a temporary position in the crew!

Qualification World Cyber Games

We are this year very happy to announce that together with WCG Nordic we are hosting the Norwegian qualifiers for the World Cyber Games.

Heroes of Newerth

Armed Forces College of Engineering has this year taken the initiative to host the a Hon tournament, with support from the S2 Games!

Free juice with every breakfast

Great news! Our sponsor Coca Cola is giving away free juice with every breakfast bought in our dinner deal!

Questions about TG, you said?

"Can i buy the meal ticket at TG? How many participants are there really?"

Submerged wallpaper

The wallpapers are ready!

Updated: Gigabit for everyone!

In 2008, The Gathering won the VAT-case. The money that was saved from this will now gain the participants. This year, the internal network of the Viking Ship will be renewed and upgraded with the latest news from D-Link.

Avoid queue – check your PTN account

Our crew will validate your address and other information when you are checking in. If the information is found to be invalid you will be rejected from the check-in queue.

Internet link: Massive increase from last year

This year The Gathering will have a delivered capacity of 30Gbit/sec. This is six as fast as the capacity of last year’s event of 5Gbit/sec.

Game with Fame - Modern Warfare 2

Do you think you're a gaming console expert? Do you have the stomach to take on some of the worlds best gaming console gamers in a 4v4 national final between Norway and the USA?

Fantastic lectures at The Gathering

The Gathering 2010:Submerged is as always a congregation for aspiring geniuses with a wide array of interests and hobbies.

Norwegian Prime Minister challenged

Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg was challenged by Christian Eriksen through Aftenposten to visit the Viking Ship. Unfortunately, the prime minister did not have time for this. To make up for it, he sent us a video greeting.

Hotel deal from Scandic

Another hotel in Hamar has a special offer in store for you.

You've been challenged by Petter Northug jr.

Petter Northug jr.  challenging the participants to a 2vs2 Counter-Strike match together with the Swedish Fnatics star player Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg. This will take place at the Amentio stand in cooperation with the games equipment manufacturer SteelSeries.

Come visit us!

Ever wondered what's going on at The Gathering and you only want to stay for a short while? Read more to find out how you can get access to the party as a visitor!

Ventelo Graphic Design Compo

The people who provide us with this year's fantastic internet connection presents a challenge to our creative participants, and a very nice prize for the adept winner.

Here are the mentors!

Nine of The Gathering's most talented creative people will spend this easter in the Creative Lounge - and will be more than happy to help newbies and intermediates achieving their goals.

Want to learn something new this year?

Why not spend easter learning new creative skills from some of The Gathering's best programmers, graphic artists and music producers? This year, most of these seminars will take place in the Creative Lounge.

Win a lift trip inside The Viking Ship

By pre-ordering the official TG 2010 mouse pad from QPAD you can win a lift trip inside The Viking Ship, including a photographing, and a QPAD 5K laser mouse.

Today's teaser

It might not win any prizes for good image quality, but it is beauty anyway.

This years network

As you all have heard this year Ventelo is delivering us a whopping 30Gb/s Internet connection. This will demand much more from the network than earlier years. Luckily Cisco has been kind enough to lend us some kickass equipment.

Scene.org Awards announces this year's nominees

The nominees for the Scene.org Awards for 2009 were announced this morning. Read on for more information about the awards, the nominees, and how to make sure you don't miss this year's award ceremony.

Still wondering what to eat at TG?

Are you still wondering how you're going to stay alive during five days of continuous hacking? We want to remind you once again that The Gathering is offering you a ticket for three breakfasts and three proper dinners.

PTN will only accept card payments

As of tomorrow (17th of March) at 1200 PTN will only be accepting payments made by either VISA or MasterCard.

Hotel in Hamar

First Hotel Victoria offers all attenders a special price during The Gathering 2010. The hotel is located in the city center of Hamar, only 50 meters from the train station and 1 km from Vikingskipet.

The Gathering Awards

At The Gathering, we usually leave it to you, the public, to decide who will be the winner of our creative competitions. In addition to the standard prizes for each competition, the Creativia crew will also hand out a few extra awards. Read on to find out more about The Gathering Awards.

Hardcore Programming Compo Case Released

The compo case for this year's Hardcore Programming compo is now released. Now it's time to start coding your winning entry. Happy coding!

Sound at The Gathering

The gathering is an event with a lot of people and a lot of sound. We've gotten several requests asking if some areas of the ship are more quiet than others, and we'll try to answer this now, as well as letting you know which areas will be colder than others.

Floor plan and details on Creative Lounge

If you're still looking for reasons to buy a Creative/demoscene ticket for TG10, look no further! Read about our Creative Lounge, and start planning for an Easter full of exciting seminars, cool people and frantic work to beat the competition deadlines.

Seating begins 1st of March

The seating will begin the 1st of March, at 6pm CET, for groups of 30 or more. Read on for further details.

Changed floorplan

Large changes await you this Easter. When you arrive at The Gathering this year, you will find the stage in the middle of the "Viking ship".

Norwegian Game Awards hands out this year's "Hype Award" at TG

This year, competing in our Game Development compo might be just the first step. After competing at TG, take your game further to the Norwegian Game Awards finals and compete for more prizes, fame and glory, and a lot of media attention.

Prizes and more information about the game competitions

Game competitions have always been a tradition on The Gathering. As Norway's big gather point for computer interested, we also attract lots of hardcore gamers.

Prizes for the creative competitions announced

We're proud to present the final list of creative competitions for The Gathering 2010, along with the prizes. We try to tweak the prize distribution every year to stimulate participation in the different competitions. Prizes total at over 180 000 NOK this year!

The Norwegian Olympiad in Informatics (NIO)

Are you interested in programming? Do you like logic, mathematics and problem solving? In that case, you might be interested in the Norwegian Olympiad in Informatics (NIO)!

Creative Tickets at The Gathering 2010

Do you fancy sitting next to The Gathering's best coders, graphicians, musicians and other creative souls? All normal tickets for The Gathering 2010 are sold out, but if you'd like to spend Easter in a creative and inspiring environment within sneezing distance of exciting seminars and skilled people, you should know that we've still got tickets left for people like you.

Tired of noodles, why not try a proper meal?

Are you tired of eating eating noodles, cup a soup or whatever food you can prepare in a microwave oven? Then you're in for some luck, this year The Gathering is offering you a ticket for three breakfasts and three proper dinners.

Tickets are ONLY availble through Partyticket.net

At the moment tickets are only available at http://partyticket.net
Private sales are NOT allowed at this point.

The Invitation Demo - Behind the scenes

We've had a chat with the guys behind this year's invitation demo. Read more about who they are and how the demo was made.

Information about meal tickets, Creative and ProGamer tickets

Like previous years, we offer special tickets for members of both the creative scene, and pro-gamers. These tickets require approval, and will be available on partyticket.net from Thursday 14th of January 9 p.m (21:00). A new offer this year is the Nordre Sving meal tickets. With this ticket, you can pre-pay 3 breakfasts and dinners.

Seater-option available

You can now choose a seater at partyticket.net.  Note that the final seatmap is not yet up, and the date and time for seating start will come at a later time.

Creative Competitions Announced

The list of competitions that will be held at The Gathering 2010: Submerged is now released! We hope you find a compo where you can show us what you are up to. You can start working at your contribution at any time in most of the competitions!

Have a look at the complete list here.

Win a PS3!

Buy a ticket before 31.12.2009 ends, and you can win a Playstation 3. We will choose an winner of the PS3 game console, and this will be handed over at The Gathering.

Tickets will be put on sale Sunday the 27th of December 12:00 CET

Tickets will be put on sale as of Sunday the 27th of December 12.00 CET, and you can buy them on partyticket.net

Advantages of being a member of KANDU

The Gathering is offering two different types of tickets; one included membership in KANDU and one without. What is different? KANDU explains why you should join KANDU!

Attending The Gathering for the first time, and have no-one to go with?

It will probably seem extra scary to arrive at The Gathering and be all alone. A lot of new people and a high activity level will not make things easier. But did you know that there are other participants that would include you to their group, so that you wouldn't feel so all alone?

Information regarding the game selection for The Gathering 2010

Which games we use in our tournaments is always a great and sometimes difficult decision to make. There are a large number of participants at The Gathering, and many of those are taking part in the game contests we organize. This is of course something we appreciate, but our challenge is that we can not always please everyone.

Do you know PHP and SQL, Perl or C?

If you have experience with one or more of these languages, you might be just the person Info:Systems is looking for.

Info:Systems is still looking for more applicants. If you think you can deliver that which is demanded of you Info:Systems wants you to apply as soon as possible. Among Info:Sytems’ tasks are the following:

Security crew

Security consists of three sub crews

  • Security: Security
  • Security: Medic
  • Security: Support

Security is responsible for the safety of participants at The Gathering, and is one of the largest crews.

Invitation demo released

The invitation demo for The Gathering 2010 has now been released! This is the demoscene way of inviting people to the party. The demo is made by Outracks.

Download the executable version (12 MB, requires DirectX 10) or the video version (241 MB).

If you want to give your feedback to the creators, you can do so at pouet.net or the gathering.org forum.

The Gathering 2010 - Submerged

After having seen "Vikingskipet" dressed in fire and ice last year, we dive under water for TG10 and present The Gathering 2010 - Submerged.

Tech crew

The Tech-crew consists of three different sub-crews:

  • Tech:Net - Responsible for the net in Vikingskipet during the easter.
  • Tech:Server – Responsible for maintaining the servers, delivering the streams from Event and all the web services for TG (i.a. gathering.org)
  • Tech: Support – responsible for the actual wiring of the net, support for the participants and disassembling the net once TG is over.

Core crew

Core-crew consists of four different sub-crews:

  • Core:Core - Responsible for handing of sponsors, VIPs and more
  • Core:CrewCare - Responsible for the food to the crew
  • Core:Logistics - Responsible for the storage, transport and equipments needed at TG
  • Core:Support - Responsible for recycling, cleaning tasks and other things


Event crew (w. video)

Event-crew consists of five different sub-crews:

  • Event:Activities - Responsible for the stage shows and more
  • Event:Arena - Responsible for the stage design, lighting, sound and decorations.
  • Event:Creativia - Responsible for the demoscene and other creative activities
  • Event: Game - Responsible for game competitions
  • Event: Productions - Responsible for visually documenting what actually goes on at TG

Info crew


Info-crew consists of four different sub-crews:

  • Info:Content - Creates and publishes content for i.e. gathering.org
  • Info:Desk - Responsible for the desk
  • Info:Press - Responsible for all contact with the press
  • Info:Systems - Responsible for most of the systems used by the crew at The Gathering, i.e. wannabe.gathering.org, the Cola-boards and the SMS service

Apply for a crew position

...and get access to the crew area! Maybe you'll understand why the crew is fond of bananas? Wannabe - our system of recruitment of crewmembers is open. In the days ahead we will take a more detailed presentation of the crew, so do not wait too long before you visit us again. Apply for a position at wannabe.gathering.org

Hi all TG-enthusiasts!

The Gathering has a crew ombudsman, Ingvild Myhre, and her job is to ensure that YOU as a volunteer feel good.

New participants ombudsman

Eileén Tennebø has passed the torch to last year's assistant, Lars Petter Johnsen. Here you can get to know him a little bit.

His goal is that everyone will have a good time at TG10.

Eileén passes the torch

December is drawing near, and while this means end of year exams, Christmas preparations and the smell of mistletoe to some, it means that the planning of the next TG has begun for others.

The organizers for the party were selected a few months ago, and it was made clear that Eileén Tennebø has passed the torch to last year's assistant, Lars Petter Johnsen.

The new KANDU board

The general assembly has been held, and the new board has been chosen.

TG 2010 - One step closer

The Board of KANDU are pleased to present the organizers for The Gathering 2010.