1. 25 000 NOK, + 5 Qpad 5K + 5 Qpad Heaton mousepads

12 000 NOK, + 5 Qpad 5K + 5 Qpad CT mousepads

5 000 NOK, + 5 Qpad UC mousepads

* Prizes can be given partially or completely in both money and/or equipment

Counter-Strike: Source Tournament

» April 2nd 18:00 CET - 22:00 CET Hellfraggerleauge playoffs - Results

» April 3rd 10:00 CET Grand Final - Results


After another successful season of Hellfragger league, just one thing remains: Playoffs. Here is the information for the teams, Updated with time schedules!

How will the playoffs be handled at The Gathering?
Like you perhaps remember, Hellfragger has arranged playoffs in different ways the past years. The two first events took place at the television studio of NRK, the third were arranged at Hellfraggers very own LAN. Hellfragger has this time decided to arrange the playoff of the fourth season at The Gathering! The Gathering is one of the biggest LANS in Europe, and it is predicted over 5000 people during the LAN. We are really looking forward to arrange the finale of the best Counter Strike: Source league at Norway’s finest LAN: The Gathering!

"Will it cost money?
May have occurred in your head. Hellfragger is supporting every team with the amount of 1250, - NOK, which should cover your necessary needs during playoffs. If the participants of the playoffs want take part on the LAN, after or before the playoff time, this will of course be fixed for free. You won’t get any computer space though, but you will be able to take part in every Non BYOC competitions. This means you can take part of the whole LAN without payments.

You will officially have to meet the playoff admin Nirex, at 17.00 o’clock Friday, where you will get your band which confirms your free entry at The Gathering.

Every playoff match will be played inside the gaming area, except the final, which will take place at the main stage. There will also be a maximum amount of 5 crew members, which will follow every Hellfragger match. Those administrators will also be responsible for the camera action during the Hellfragger playoffs.

For those who prefer to follow the action at IRC: #hellfragger-playoffs (Quakenet). Here will you be able to get any information, news, Source relays, and more to come.

The playoff matches will be played Friday (2. April) and Saturday (3. April). The bracket is shown beneath:  

Match program:

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Where: Gaming area

Where: Gaming area

Where: Gaming area

Map: de_nuke

Map: de_nuke

Map: de_train

Team: Teatime vs. tweaked

Team: Leetgamer vs. Geeks Illustrated

Team: Winner of match 1 vs.

Winner of match 2

Outcome: Winner proceeds to match 3,

loser proceeds to match 4

Outcome: Winner proceeds to match 3,

loser proceeds to match 4

Outcome: Winner proceeds to final,
loser meets winner of match 4.


Match 4

Match 5

Match 6 (final)

Where: Gaming area

Where: Gaming area

Where: Scene

Map: de_train

Map: de_dust2

Map(s): de_inferno/de_tuscan

Team: Loser of 1. Match vs.

Loser of 2. match

Team: Loser of match 3 vs.

Winner of match 4

Team: Winner of match 3 vs.
winner of match 5.

Outcome: Loser becomes number 4;
The winner meets the looser of match 3.

Outcome: Winner proceeds to final,
loser becomes number 3 in the finale standing

Outcome: Winner – 1 of the playoffs

Loser – 2 of the playoffs

Performance of the final:
• The team which won match 5, has to win both maps
• The team which won match 3, has to win one map.
• First map of the final will be de_inferno.
• The second map of the final will be de_tuscan.
• If the match (es) ends 15-15, there will be overtime.

Schedule for the playoffs:
17:00: Every team has to meet up, outside the entry gate.
18:00: First match (Teatime vs. Tweaked) and the second match (Leetgamer vs. Geeks Illustrated)
19:30: Third and fourth match.
21:00: Fifth match

09:00: The final teams have to meet up
10:00: Final starts

Like you most likely has observed, every playoff match except the final takes place at Friday night. Every match will be played inside the gaming area. This means that it’s only the final which will be played Saturday, this game will though be placed at the scene. After every match, there will be some time to fix settings, and getting warm up.

Where shall we meet?
The matches will be played in the gaming area, and it is very important that every team shows up at least 45 Minutes before the match starts. This is mainly because Hellfragger will take interviews and such. (Last words before the match, comments and so on). It is important to know, that the time schedule for The Gathering is very tight, therefore it’s important to show up in good time. Everyone will get a SMS 1 hour before the match, to make sure everyone sticks to the schedule.

Rules for the playoffs
The rules of Hellfragger league Playoffs - The Gathering 2010:
• Meet up in good time before the match start. (At least 45 minutes before match start!)
• Every participant is obligated to take part in interviews and such during the playoffs.
• Every team is obligated to take part in the awarding of prizes. (Saturday night/Sunday morning: 01:00 CET)
• If a team doesn’t take part in the prize ceremony, the team will lose their prize(s).
• Remember to check your cell phone regularly, you will receive a message 1 hour before your match
• It is allowed to use own Headset, keyboard and mouse during the matches.
• Every attempt to cheat will not be tolerated, and you will be banned from the playoff.
• Talking after ”fade to black” is allowed
• If one team won’t meet up straight away, the other team gets Walkover.

General rules: Click here
The rules for this event will be the same as HellfraggerLAN.

Information regarding prize:
Money prize
Qpad Gaming-equipment

Contact information is wanted!
We want contact information from each participant of Hellfragger Playoffs. This is because we must be able to contact you, during playoffs. Every team can send a mail to: with the information The content of the mail should be:

Hellfragger Liga Playoffs - Kontaktinformasjon - : Name, Nick, cell phone number (in this order!).