Defence of the Ancients

1. 12.500 NOK

6.000 NOK

2.500 NOK

* Prizes can be given partially or completely in both money and/or equipment

Defense of the Ancients Tournament

» Signup starts 31. March

» Tournament start 12:00 1. April - Results

NB: Nye brackets!


Important: The Dota Tournament will be played on the attendance own computers, witch means you must have a "normal"-ticket to participate. 

The number of slots in the tournament is not set, but will be modeled after the number of signups.  Signup will start as soon as the doors for The Gathering 2010 opens and will close 10:00 on Thursday 1. April, the tournaments starts later that day at 12:00.


To sign up a team, the team leader must create a team on He chose the team name and which players who will be a part of the team. Each player must approve this by login on to
Team leaders must come to the game crew and confirm that the whole team is at TG.
A team needs at least five players. If a team consists of more than five players they are allowed to switch players between each game. All players must be added to the teams roster when registering.
Team leaders are responsible for uploading results, checking the brackets for new opponents and ensuring that his team's players are present and mannerly.

* For more information on the tournament take a look at the rule-set. Signup info will be published.