Game With Fame - Modern Warfare 2

Do you think you're a gaming console expert? Do you have the stomach to take on some of the worlds best gaming console gamers in a 4v4 national final between Norway and the USA?

In cooporation with Gunnar Optiks and Diglife, The Gathering is proud to present Game with Fame; Modern Warfare 2. Team EnVyUs has taken a break from the Major League Gaming,  to take on those who can make it through qualification rounds at The Gathering 2010.

To qualify for a chance to win, you need to sign up for the fun on Gunnar's Facebook Page. Qualification rounds take place during The Gathering 2010 on Thursday and Friday at Gunnar's stand in the Viking Ship. The final 4v4 match will be kicked  off live on the main stage, Saturday morning at 1:30am, in front of the entire stadium and our web-audience.

Winners will also get a pair of the Exclusive Gunnar Optiks gaming specs. Not only do they look awesome, but they'll also improve your aim and reduce the side-effects of long-term gaming. As if this wasn’t enough, Activision will throw in some kick-ass games to those worthy of it.

Before you enter, eliminate any doubts you might have on the Major Leage Gaming's official 4v4 deathmatch rules. If you agree to these terms, do not hesitate to sign up, right now!

While waiting for your chance, take a look at how the pros go about things on Youtube