Quke Live

1. 12.000 NOK + DreamHack-ticket (850 SEK) and Wildcard to Main Tournament

2. 6.000 NOK

3. 4.000 NOK

* Prizes can be given partially or completely in both money and/or equipment

Quake Live Tournament

» Group stage 1. April - Results - Preregistration (Deadline 01:00 CET)
» Playoffs 2. April - Results

» Final 3. April - Results


The Tournament will be played on dedicated computers in a game area set-up by the event:game crew. Currently there is no limit to attendance in the Quake Live tournament. But we will watch the amount of interest and signups closely. 

The tournament will be played as following: Thursday  will be group-stages. Friday will be playoffs. And The final is played on Saturday. There will be 4 groups with 4 players. If needed we will expand. The playoffs will be played as Single elimination. Matches are played with "best of 3 maps". The final is played with best of 5 There will also be a 3.place finisher match.

*For more information, take a look at the rule-set. Signup information will be published soon.