Tekken 6

1. WCG- Qualification

3.500 NOK

2.000 NOK

* Prizes can be given partially or completely in both money and/or equipment

Tekken 6 Tournament

» Signups Close 01:00 CET 1. April

» Tournament start 1. April 12:00 - Results


Game is played with bo3 (best of 3) format.
You can choose from any characters in the game.
Matches are played on the Xbox 360, you can bring your own arcadestick or controller but they must be accepted by an admin before use. (TG will only be able to provide the original xbox360 controller)
The tournament follows a so-called single elimination form. 
All matches will be played on Thursday.

Signup closed 0100 wednesday (night to Thursday)
Turnament starts 1200 Thursday

Game Settings
  • Game Type : Offline Mode- VS Battle
  • Rounds: 3
  • Handicap: 110%
  • Guard Damage: Off
  • Quick Select: Off
  • Round Time: 60 Seconds
  • Stage Select: Random Choice
Character Selection
  • The player must notify the referee of the characters that he/she will use before the match starts.
  • The player may not change character after the match is started.

* Particpiants under the age of 13 will not be sent to the WCG Final in USA. *

More about the rules for the tournament can be read in the tekken 6 guidelines for World Cyber Games.