TrackMania Nations

1. 12.000 NOK

2. 6.000 NOK

3. 4.000 NOK
* Prizes can be given partially or completely in both money and/or equipment


» First Qualification 7.March 17:00 CET - Results
» Second Qualification 11.march 17:00 CET -  Results
» Third Qualification 14.march 17:00 CET -  Results
» Fourth Qualification 18.march 17:00 CET - Results

» BYOC Qualification 31. march - Sign up

*Remember to be on on quakenet!*

Main Tournament

» Main tournament first day 1. April - Results
» Main tournament second day 2. April - Results
» Main tournament third day 3. April - Results


Trackmania is a game that entered the eSport world in 2006 when it was searched for a racing game that would be used at the 2006 ESWC finals in Paris, France. The French developer Nadeo made "TrackMania Nations" in cooperation with the ESWC and since then the game has just grown and grown. Worldwide there are 3 385 909 registered players. In Norway there are just over 80 000 players who have made a user account. TrackMania run after "the first man in goal" -principle one versus one and teams against teams. The game, which is abbreviated TMN (F), has been picked up by many large computer festivals and tournaments over the past year and the fanbase continues to grow every day.  


5 custom maps are made for The Gathering. These maps will be made public on February 14 on and

32 seats will be available in the TrackMania tournament at The Gathering 2010. These slots will be distributed in the following qualifications: 

  • 8 of the seats will be invited by this year's gamecrew committee
  • 16 of the seats will be settled by online qualification on the net before The Gathering 2010 begins
  • 8 of the seats will be decided in a "BYOC" tournament for participants at The Gathering 2010

Online qualifiers

The online qualification will be played on the participants' own computers over the Internet from February and up to the start of The Gathering 2010. 16 seats will be awarded during several cups to decide who will get direct slots to the tournament on TG10.

Online qualifiers will be held in cooperation with over several weeks in February and March. Registration information and setup will be available here on and soon.

There will be 4 qualifiers during February and March where the top 4 from each qualifier will advance to the main event at The Gathering. The players who qualify will be seeded directly into the tournament at The Gathering.


This qualifier will be played on your personal computers during the first day of The Gathering 2010. Players will fight in Time-Attack for the possibility to become one of the last 8 players qualifying to the playoffs.

Main Tournament

The main tournament will be played on separate, dedicated computers rigged in a eSports-area by the event:game crew. This last and crucial part of the competition will be held Friday and Saturday on The Gathering 2010. (NOTE: the schedule changes constantly)

There will be a total of 32 players who will participate in the playoffs / main event. The 8 who are directly invited gets the highest seed. The 16 who qualified on the online qualifiers will be prioritized as number two and three seeds. The last 8 players qualifying the first day of The Gathering 2010 will be the last priority seeds, as the fourth player in the groups.

Invited players:
- Viper
-  Bergie
- Frostbeule
- Ghost
- Pezi
- Paullout
- Kev
- Mortal

Qualified Players:
- Scream
- OleK
- Joms
- Furia
- UnnKristin

* More about the tournament structure can be found in the rule set.