Rules for construction

All constructions that are set up during the event must be stable and built in a non-flammable material. Easily flammable fabrics such as plastic, cardboard and paper are not allowed as a part of the construction.

In addition to that, you must follow these regulations:

  • Projects that involve constructions across the table rows or with a height over two meters, must submit an application to
  • You cannot in any way damage the tables for a construction. The construction itself should be stable enough independently
  • Constructions that do not meet the foregoing requirements must be reinforced. If this is not taken into action, Security can at any time instruct participants to take down their constructions
  • Security can also instruct participants to take down constructions that are pre-approved if it has obvious weaknesses or are in danger of collapse
  • There will be periodic inspections if the constructions during the event. Even if the construction has been granted exemption from the regulations in advance of the event, you are requested to have the approval sheet ready when you are approached by Security

In addition, we want to encourage all participants to use their creative skills when they design their construction. Have this year’s theme in mind!