Evacuation plan for participants

Evacuation plan

The emergency exits are marked on the map with red arrows, showing the easiest emergency route according to the row you are sitting on.

In case of an emergency situation that requires evacuation of the hall, a message will be given on speaker systems.

Put on warm clothes (sweater or jacket), and walk to the nearest emergency exit.

Do not bring any equipment! Anyone who tries this, will be stopped and their equipment will be taken away from them. This is to make sure the evacuation is done as quickly and smoothly as possible, and to prevent theft.

If you are in doubt, ask a crewmember. They’re wearing sweaters marked with “crew” on their backs, or jackets marked with “security”.

Once outside, move towards either the south side of the ship, the big parking lot for participants, or the main entrance, heading south (away from the entrance).

You should remain here until further notice is given.