General information

Many of you have asked us what the guidelines for use of speakers are, and to put it plain and simple; you can bring what you can fit in your designated space (80x60 cm). If you bring too large speakers and your neighbour(s) complain that you take up some of their space, you will have to remove them.
If your amplifier/speakers use too much power, you must turn it off for the entire length of the party.

1A-rule and electricity
To ensure no electrical breakdown, you are only allowed to bring stuff with the combined power of 1 ampere. Water boilers, refrigerators, toast irons and other kitchen equipment is not allowed.
There will be designated areas with several sockets, but you cannot keep your equipment at these areas.

Competitions and sound
During competitions, concerts and other happenings at the stage, all sound from the ship must be turned down.
You can listen to your music with a headset, but you cannot play loud from your speakers. This is a strict but simple rule that we expect you to follow.

Show respect to other participants
If you play to loud and get asked to turn down your volume, we expect you to do so. The Gathering is supposed to be a nice experience for everyone, and you should behave towards other as you want them to behave towards you.

Trolleys and carts
Carts and trolleys are not allowed inside the ship. You may bring your personal trolley, but remember that you have limited space. If your trolley takes up too much space, the crew will ask you to remove it. Unattended trolleys that are in the way will be seized.

Modification of the table space
Many of you have expressed a desire to change the table space. This is all right as long as you remember this:

  • You cannot use the space between the rows. The distance between every row is specified by the fire department and for your own safety.
  • You cannot use screws/nails or similar to attach things to the table. We use the same tables every year, and vandalism to these lead to extra costs to the party.
  • Feel free to build upwards, but think of those around you. You are not allowed construct something that is unstable or likely to fall, and any damages caused as a result of this is of your cost and yours alone.


Feel free to place your cabinet and speakers on the floor to save space and weight from the tables. The tables will have holes, so you can pull through your cables.