Prizes for the creative competitions announced

We're proud to present the final list of creative competitions for The Gathering 2010, along with the prizes. We try to tweak the prize distribution every year to stimulate participation in the different competitions. Prizes total at over 180 000 NOK this year!

The headliner, as usual, is the traditional demo competition. In this competition, a group of contestants collaborate to combine graphics, music and advanced coding techniques to a display of audio-visual fireworks. The entries are handed in as executable files where graphical effects are synchronized to music in real time. The top five entries will be rewarded with prizes from NOK 1500 to 20000.

Freestyle Music is another popular competition, where musicians hand in self-composed tunes with wildly varying genres and production techniques. Based on the amount and quality of entries last year, we have decided to award the five best entries in this competition as well.

Last year saw the introduction of the Hardcore programming competition, where contestants must find the most effective algorithm to solve a problem presented to them by us. "We saw a high level of quality in last year's competition, and we believe even more people will enter the competition this year", says Anders Bondehagen, organizer of the Hardcore programming competition. To reflect this, the first prize has been bumped to NOK 7000.

After a few years' break, the intro competition is back on the list this year. An intro may appear to be a normal demo, but contestants must face the added challenge of a file size restriction for their entry. This year's contestants can choose whether to aim for a 4 or 64 kilobyte limit.

The entries will be shown in the same competition, but the audience will of course be told which size limit the entry adheres to. "This competition is a classic in the demo scene," says Creativia chief Anders Lassen, "We've seen some amazing stuff these last years, and we hope to see some really cool intros at TG this year". The winner of the intro competition will be able to bring home a prize of NOK 10000.

Complete Prize List

Photo: Steinar Gunderson
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Getting us one step closer to The Gathering 2011, we are proud to launch a temporary site. Go for all the latest news. Awards is an annual event where the best demoscene productions from the last year are celebrated and awarded. The Gathering has been a proud sponsor of this event for many years, and TG-participants have followed the show over a video link. Next year the event will take place in the Vikingship!

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The Creativia crew has assembled a music disc with some of the best music and soundtracks from this year's creative compos. All tracks made by participants at The Gathering 2010 - Submerged. Download and experience the true magic of easter!

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If you entered the creative competitions at The Gathering - or if you missed the deadline - and you're looking for more parties with creative competitions, read on!


It can be downloaded from in flac or mp3

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The final prizegiving ceremony in the creative compos was held tonight, and TG is officially wrapping up. Read on for a list of all the winners.


The first results from the creative competitions were presented earlier tonight. Read on to find out if you are one of the lucky winners!

We will cut the network at 11.45a.m. and the electricity at 12 p.m.. All participants must be out by 2 p.m..


The latest edition of our in-hall magazine, TheNewsGathering is now up for grabs. We offer you a lot of creatively delicious material written by the finest journalists and artists known to nerds.

Each year, we give some special attention to those in our crew who's helped out for 10 years.


See the complete list of entries in Thursday's compos, along with information on how to vote for your favourites.