Thanks for TG10

A greeting from Vegard Skjefstad

I'm sitting in the Viking Ship while writing this e-mail.

I've got time for it, because I have a fantastic crew who is doing their best until the bitter end. We've packed most of the stuff, and every member of the crew has been doing their best all the way.

They never say no when asked to take care of an area or a task. Even if they really need to be on a train, they just take care of the task. Because of this, I can drive them to the train station, since they  already taken the task from my hands and I can trust that it has been  done.

This is, if anything, the biggest value The Gathering 2010 has given me. The one unique thing that makes TG10 to something special. The feeling of being a part of a family.

A fantastic big family, because every one at TG has been a part of it. Not just my closest associates, which for me are the organizers and then the rest of the crew, but also all of the participants, who have been fantastic this year.

I've told crew and the participants about a few simple rules.


  1. Have fun.
  2. Make sure others have fun.


All of you have done this, and created your own TG. This is the main purpose and goal of TG. I don't want TG to be a place where you're just being there as a consumer or a passive audience. You are all given tasks, a limited space and power from us.

We put up the frame, and it's up to you to make the picture complete.

This year, which has been fantastic, is probably the first year in history where everyone at TG have done exactly this TOGETHER.

I've been with TG for so long, that I can't say TG10 is the best ever, because that involves comparing the effort and unique experiences that can't be compared with this year's TG.

What I can say, is that TG10 was a year where I finally found the joy again of being at TG. I've had some awesome fun. I've worked alot, but I've had for the most time to talk to people. New members of the crew, old ones, new participants, and some of the older participants, that even visited the first TGs. Everyone has been a part of the same family.

I've often said that my goal with TG is that one on the party is going to say that this year's TG is the best ever for him or her. I know that this is what many many more than just one can say about this year's TG.

TG10 is a new beginning for me, and I think for many others as well. TG10 found TGs soul, and I promise we're going to take good care of it.

Other parties have become commercial and smooth, which is something TG will never be. We will always be friendly, nice, radical and challenging. I've talked to Game which has some big visions for next year. I've talked to Demo/Creativia, and they have even bigger visions. Anders, we are going to redefine the meaning of 4K in the demo world!

This is because TG has a responibility for this to happen, and also because we can. And we can because we're strong enough. One issue is money, which is actually easier to aquire than many would think. The other thing is the passion in all vibrant souls which that makes it possible to accomplish TG.

The last thing is the joy of doing it, and the joy of participating on TG as an event, and show respect to the people who contribute with their creativity. Either as a gamer, shelf builder, demo scener, puzzle solver, or just by talking to those around you and come up with new things, get new ideas, rethinking the wrong solutions and just playing with technology.

TG10 Submerged has been given a meaning you have created yourself. We were all in the same boat, and had the same experiences as a unit, submerged with each other.

And this makes me prouder than any (or many, I'm known for long derivations) sentences can express.

From the bottom of my heart, I give you a million thanks, and a humble thanks for making TG10 a year I can live on for many years to come.


Photo: Steinar Gunderson

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A greeting from Vegard Skjefstad


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The latest edition of our in-hall magazine, TheNewsGathering is now up for grabs. We offer you a lot of creatively delicious material written by the finest journalists and artists known to nerds.

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