With just 158 days left untill The Gathering 2012, we've got just the place to talk it out.
The TG organizers are elected, as such the countdown for the easter of 2012 begins.

KANDU has now opened the applications for The Gathering's management team for 2012.

Miss The Gathering already? Relive some of the great moments while listening to a selected collection from this year's musical contributions, including the attention grabber.
Kaktusen is the man behind the winning contributions of Fast Remix and Freestyle Music as well as the maker of the PlayPsyCos "We Crave Sustenance" soundtrack. He loves what he's doing!
We conclude the game competitions of The Gathering 2011 with results and a huge smile for successfully arranged tournaments!
Video servers are back up, that means there's new videos on tv.gathering.org and ftp.gathering.org. Out now: several videos from the creative lounge.
We had a chat with Smash of FLT after the Scene.org Awards.
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