Creative Competitions

The annual creative competitions at The Gathering is your unique chance to show or play your masterpiece to a large audience on one of the best audio and video systems in the country. You'll get a live reaction and feedback from a crowd of inspired fans, and have a chance to win prizes and awards.

To submit an entry to the creative competitions, visit

This is a list of the creative competitions that will be held at The Gathering 2011. You can start working on your entry right away (except in Fast- and Themed-compos)! Detailed descriptions of the compos and rules will be published later.


  • Demo
    Where teamwork, adept skills and long night hours become mindblowing entertainment. Create an executable showdown of your graphics, music and programming skills combined and become demoscene legends.
  • Intro
    Where demos go really tiny, 64 KB or less. How many bytes do you need to rock the big screen? Is 4 the new 64?
  • Fast Intro
    8 hours, 3 wicked themes, 137 warnings, 0 errors.


  • Freestyle Graphics
    Art by pixel, all tools allowed.
  • Rendered Graphics
    Art by 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering.
  • Themed Graphics
    Create a piece of freestyle graphics art for a given theme.
    Information about this competition will be published later.
  • MS Paint
    Because brushes, layers and fancy effects are for pussies!


  • Freestyle Music
    Your original track, played out loud for the first time to a large audience.
  • Fast Remix
    We'll provide a track, you'll do a remix - in 6 hours.


  • Game Development
    Develop a game and present it to the TG audience. Details pending.
  • Hardcore Programming
    Create an artificial intelligence and let it battle your contestants on the big screen. The compo case and development kit will be released before the party.
  • Small HTML
    Dirty hacks beyond quirks mode. Make an HTML-page as small as you can (in terms of bytes) while it still displays the same image in the browser. Assignment is released at the party.
  • Useless Utility
    Usable, but useless


  • Freestyle Video
    For animation, editing, direction and innovation worthy of more than YouTube.
  • Photo
    Capture a moment in time for everyone to enjoy.
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