Freestyle Video


  1. Hand-in

    Entries in the wild competition must be registered through the web-based compo system, and can be delivered through this system as well.

    The entry shall be submitted as a ZIP or RAR archive containing the video and a text file with contact information and information about the video. We would also like to know the individual credits for the video, including camera work, editing, score and so forth.

    Delivery on physical media

    Because videos tend to have huge filesizes we allow delivery of entries on physical media for this competition. If this applies to your entry, make sure to follow these guidelines:

    • Before delivering your entry you must register it in the web-based compo system.
    • You can deliver a CD or DVD with your entry on it either directly to the Event:Creativia crew (you can find us in the workshop).
    • Make sure that you label the disc with your name, the entry name and the entry-id you get when registering the entry. We can not accept any responsibility for entries lost due to delivery of unlabeled discs.
    • Please observe that even though you are allowed to deliver your entry on DVD it should still be in one of the allowed formats for this competition. We will not rip your DVD and convert it to a video file for you.
    • We would also appreciate a reasonable file size for the video. It is hardly necessary to use several gigabytes for a four minute video.

    Allowed formats

    • XviD/DivX (.avi)
    • MPEG2 (.mpg/.m2v)
    • H.264 (.mp4/.m4v)
    • Theora (.ogg/.ogm/.ogv)

    Other video formats are not allowed, and will result in a disqualification.

  2. Wanted content

    This is not a home movie competition, and thus there are restrictions on what content we accept. Specifically, your entry must be generated using computers and electronics as your primary tools, or be relevant to The Gathering or a related subculture. Or it should be really funny or cool. Some good examples are:

    • Rendered or otherwise computer-generated animations.
    • Stop motion animated movies
    • Properly filmed, edited and produced short movies or music videos

    Unwanted content

    Some examples of what we do not want:

    • Jackass clones
    • Fragmovies/stunt movies
    • Pure video recordings (unless we find it really, really cool or artistic)

    In addition to this, we will not show material that we judge to be offensive or in bad taste. Use common sense when deciding on what you put in.

  3. Use of copyrighted material

    Use of copyrighted material is not allowed without written permission from the copyright holder. This goes for the soundtrack as well. Any participant must be ready to provide documentation that the material used is either their own or released under a license that allows its use. Failure to provide such documentation upon request will result in disqualification of the entry.

    If you are in doubt, ask someone from the compo crew before the deadline (that way, you will have time to remove any problematic content before submitting).

  4. Maximum display time

    Four (4) minutes. Exceptions will only be made for content that's really, really good.

  5. Voting

    A maximum of 10 entries will be shown in this compo. The winner will be chosen from a combination from popular vote and jury vote.

  6. General rules

    The general rules for the Gathering 2011 creative competitions apply to this compo.

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