MS Paint

"Forces of Nature" by griffsnuff - 6th place in the MS-Paint compo at TG2010

Create your masterpiece, pixel by pixel

This competition is for those who think layers, brushes and filters are for wimps. Use only the simplest drawing tools available, and impress everybody with your hand-pixelling skills.


  1. Hand-in

    Entries in this competition must be delivered through the web-based compo system as a ZIP or RAR archive containing the following items:

    • The picture in size 1280*720 pixels. You're free to include larger versions as well, but we want the picture in this size for the compo showing.
    • A text file stating which program or Windows version you have used for the entry, and contact information.

    Allowed file formats

    • PNG (.png)
    • BMP (.bmp)

  2. Allowed tools

    You should obviously use MS Paint for this compo (Start -> run -> mspaint).

    If you do not have Windows installed, you are allowed to use any program with functionality similar to MS Paint, provided that it complies with these limitations:

    • No support for gradients
    • No support for layers or blending

    All elements in the picture must be drawn by you, in one single instance of the program you're using.

    If we suspect you've been using other programs for your drawing, we will demand that you to demonstrate your awesome MS Paint skills live for the entire crew. Failing to perform will result in ridicule and disqualification. But seriously, are you so low that you would want to cheat in an MS Paint-compo?

  3. Text in the picture

    There should not be any text in the picture, unless it is part of a texture or is part of the picture in a logical way (i.e., if you make a picture of a car, you are obviously allowed to equip it with license plates).

    Specifically, text used for statements will result in disqualification.

  4. Voting

    A maximum of 25 entries will be shown in this compo. The winner will be determined by popular vote.

  5. General rules

    The general rules for the Gathering creative competitions apply to this compo.

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