Themed Concept Art

Mirror Shards by Yngvill Sørensen - winner of Themed Concept Art 2010.

Create an original concept art image with your computer, according to the given theme.

This competition is held in cooperation with Norwegian Game Awards.


  1. Theme

    The entry should convey your artistic interpretation of this year's theme. The jury will evaluate your entry based on how well your entry communicates the theme.

    Game genre: Adventure/RPG


    A cataclysm has destroyed your world. Debris is scattered around the villages and cities. Toxic waste has seeped into the ground and destroys all life. The water is polluted and people are dying of poisoning.


    You are a child, struggling to survive in this harsh environment, but you've found something that keeps the darkness at bay. You've got a friend, a side-kick, someone or something that keeps the spirit up and lifts your mood. Together you set out on a mission to heal the world.


    Who, or what, is your side-kick? What’s your plan to heal the world? Illustrate.

    Deadline is Thursday April 21st 18:00.

  2. Hand-in

    If you are present at The Gathering, entries in this competition must be delivered through the web-based compo system.

    In this competition we allow remote entries. This is an exception from the normal rules. If you are not present at The Gathering, entries must be sent to containting full name and contact info.

    The entry should be a Zip or RAR archive containing the following items:

    • The picture in size 1280*720 pixels. You're free to include larger versions as well, but we want the picture in this size for the compo showing.
    • Three in progress pictures, showing the workflow.
    • Please use the following file names in your archive:
      • Compo version: title-yourname.png
      • In-progress pictures: title-yourname-wip-xx.png (xx being numbers, lowest number being the earliest stage)
  3. Allowed formats

    • PNG (.png)
    • JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg)

    We recommend that you deliver your entry as PNG, as it is a lossless format. If you want to deliver your entry as JPEG that's fine, but don't be cheap on the quality setting.

    In-progress pictures must also be in JPEG or PNG format.

  4. Text in pictures

    There should not be any text in the picture, unless it is part of a texture or is part of the picture in a logical way (i.e., if you make a picture of a car, you are obviously allowed to equip it with license plates).

    Specifically, text used for statements will result in disqualification. If you are unhappy with the performance of the network, this compo is not the proper place to vent your frustration.

  5. Originality

    All elements of the picture must be created by you, on a computer. This prohibits use of fonts, clip-art, photos, stuff you "found" at deviantArt and so on.

    Brushes are considered tools, not elements. This means that you are allowed to use brushes not made by you.

    You may use a scanned paper sketch (drawn by you) as a work step. If you do so, include this as a work-in-progress-shot.

    Specifically, we do not allow entries competing in any other competition to enter this competition.

  6. Deciding a winner

    The winner will be selected by a jury elected by Norwegian Game Awards and The Gathering.

  7. General rules

    The general rules for the Gathering 2011 creative competitions apply to this compo.

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