First Demo Challenge

For the Creativia crew, The Gathering is all about learning new skills, meeting new friends, and showing off your abilities to a large audience. That's why we have our Creative Lounge, and it's why we have a wide range of competitions for you to participate in. The main event among our compos has always been the demo competition. If you've been thinking about entering, but you're afraid you aren't quite up to the task, look no further: We present to you the First Demo Challenge.

First Demo Challenge

The goal of the First Demo Challenge is to help new talents to start working together on a demo, completing it, and enter it into the demo competition at The Gathering 2011. We want everyone who really wants to have their first demo shown at TG11 to contact us. Send an email to and tell us who you are, what you're good at, and what your plans are.

If you and your friends have already formed a demo group; excellent, you're all set. If you're missing a good musician, looking for a coder, or if you're just all by yourself but want to join a new demo group, we will try to match you up with other talents that have taken up the challenge.

Get follow-up from our Mentors

After registering, TG's Mentors will provide you with help and support in the months up to The Gathering 2011, and you will of course be able to talk to our mentors face-to-face in the Creative Lounge once you arrive. Everyone who enters the challenge and successfully completes a demo in time for the competition will be competing for an extra prize. In addition to the normal prizes in the demo competition, we have arranged for some extra goodies for the best new demo group in the compo.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us at today, enter the First Demo Challenge, and this easter might be your breakthrough as an elite demo artist!

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