The mentors of The Gathering are skilled creative people who are available to help you within their fields of expertise. You can find mentors in the fields of programming, graphics and music production in the Creative Lounge every day.

The mentors can give you assistance on your own level, whether you are a beginner or already quite skilled yourself. Talking to the mentors can be a nice way to get introduced to the creative scene at The Gathering.

How to get help from a Mentor

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with the mentors:

  • Visit the Creative Lounge while at The Gathering. Contact the Creative Helpdesk and explain what you want help with. The Creativia crew will then assign a mentor to you. If a suitable mentor is not available at the exact time you visit the lounge, they will get back to you whenever one gets available.
  • Ask a question in The Gathering's Creative Forums. Mentors check this forum regularly to answer questions.
  • Sign up for the First Demo Challenge program. In this program, mentors will follow up on your progress before and during TG.
  • Send an email directly to a mentor

If you have any questions regarding the mentor arrangement, please contact

How does one become a mentor?

The Creativia crew chooses the mentors from the most prominent participants from the creative scene at TG. If you want to be a mentor, send an application to explaining your skills and how enthusiastic you are about teaching others. Each mentor gets a free Creative Ticket to The Gathering in exchange for helping out our newcomers.

Programming Mentors

Lorents Gravås aka Neuratix

Age: 21
Demoscene groups: Nazareth Creations, Outracks
Occupation: Student, Informatics, NTNU
Field of expertise: C/C++, OpenGL, Frontend
Can also help with: Gimp, tracked music, fScript


Michael Johansen aka MrClean

Age: 24
Demoscene groups: TBA
Occupation: Student, Informatics, NTNU
Field of expertise: Java, Java Enterprise
Can also help with: PHP, JavaScript, C#, Webdesign


Thomas Austad aka Datsua

Age: 36
Demoscene groups: PlayPsyCo
Occupation: Graphics Driver Developer, ARM
Field of expertise: C/C++, OpenGL, GLSL, OpenVG, Software Rendering, 64k Programming
Can also help with: Smalltalk, LISP, PASCAL, Guitars, x86 assembly, PHP


Graphics Mentors

Tina Alfredsen aka Griffsnuff

Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Field of expertise: Photoshop, Digital Painting
Can also help with: Flash Animation

Email: N/A

Kim A. Strandli aka Strandli

Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Field of expertise: Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Mudbox
Can also help with: Webdesign


Mia Aasbakken aka Zeila

Age: 23
Demoscene groups: bitFlavour
Occupation: Student in computer science, NTNU
Field of expertise: Photoshop, Digital Painting
Can also help with: C#, XNA, Java, 3ds max, Webdesign


Music Mentors

Magnus Sørlie aka Kaktusen

Age: 29
Demoscene groups: PlayPsyCo
Occupation: Multimedia Producer
Field of expertise: Music and sound production
Can also help with: Business relations, systems development and administration


Alexander Odden aka Flipside

Age: 28
Demoscene groups: Quazim, bitFlavour, Nazareth Creations
Occupation: Music producer/remixer
Field of expertise: Music production, pro tools, logic, sound design, synthesizers
Can also help with: 3D modelling, 2D/vector graphics


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