Graphics Seminars

Photoshop speedpaint session

Tina Alfredsen impressed us all last year with jaw-dropping contributions to several of the graphics competitions. This year she's ready to share some of her tricks.

When: Thursday, 13:00-14:00
Where: Creative Lounge
Speaker: Tina Alfredsen aka griffsnuff
Level: Beginner
Tools used: Photoshop, Wacom

Tina will draw a painting from sketch to final by showing how a character is blended into an environment. She will show her digital painting techniques and discuss topics like colors and contrast.

Introduction to 3D-modelling

Kim Strandli gives you an introduction to the basic tools and techniques of 3D-modelling and texturing in 3dsmax and Mudbox.

When: Friday, 17:00-18:00
Where: Creative Lounge
Speaker: Kim A. Strandli aka Strandli
Level: Beginner
Tools used: 3DS Max, Mudbox, Wacom

In this session you will get a quick introduction to the most basic building blocks behind 3D objects in 3DS Max. You will also be introduced to simple digital sculpting and texturing in Mudbox.

As the tools and techniques of 3D modelling and rendering is a huge topic, this seminar will only scratch the surface of what is possible, and hopefully give you the clues you need to continue learning the tools by yourself.

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