Music Seminars

Digital music production with Reason 5

Magnus Sørlie aka Kaktusen demystifies the complex-looking devices found in Propellerhead Reason 5, and explains all the things you need to get started working on your own music for The Gathering's compos!

When: Thursday 18:00-19:00pm
Where: Creative Lounge
Speaker: Magnus Sørlie aka Kaktusen
Level: Beginner
Tools used: Reason 5

Get familiar with the basics of digital music production; samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, and phat basslines!

With a chance of lightning

Ola "lug00ber" Gundelsby explains how the soundtrack from this year's invitation demo and the attentiongrabber was made.

When: Saturday 17:00-18:00pm
Where: Creative Lounge
Speaker: Ola Gundelsby aka lug00ber
Level: Intermediate
Tools used: TBA

Dubstep. It will be loud.

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