Photo: Steinar H. Gunderson

Welcome all gamers

The Gathering 2011 will serve as host for a wide range of exciting competitions that we hope visitors will appreciate. Our Game feature has been a part of The Gathering since the 90s and has flourished with its contests ever since. As well as yielding honor and glory, the contests boast impressive prize amounts and, on some occasions, even gives the winning contestants the right to call themselves the best within their respective disciplines in Norway. The Gathering has since last year provided the players with on-site tournament computers, something we believe heightens both the level and quality of our tournaments, as well as ensures that every player are fighting it out on the same specifications.

This is also something we have decided to run with for the 2011 edition. Game has been allocated a large area in the northern part of the hall, previously where the main stage was situated. This is where the tournaments will occur. Certain game disciplines will be played out at this location entirely, while some of the other games will only see their finals take place there. The area is also located close to section 9, which this year has been dedicated to the gamer enthusiasts who wish to share their passion with other like-minded people. This will in addition allow them to come close up to the action that will take place in the tournament area.

The total amount of 200,000 Norwegian kroner has been dedicated to tournaments for both PC and console games. The tournaments will be played out on hardware specially chosen by the organizers, something which includes monitors that support 120 Hz technology, so that each and every participant will be able to get the best possible experience.

Also since last year, The Gathering has offered a hand-sewn ticket for the ultimate gamers. This ticket fits the gamers who are especially interested in only participating in the competitive tournaments, and makes it possible for them to attend Norway's largest computer festival without having to bring their own desktop or laptop along.

Although not much information about our creative contests has been released so far, it's with joy that we announce we have decided to devote even more time and focus towards them for this year's edition of The Gathering. We are positively sure that our upcoming announcements will please everyone. Make sure to keep yourself updated on our website, where we will be rolling out updates.

On behalf of Event:Game, I welcome you to The Gathering 2011.

Thomas Husbyn - Event:Game chief
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