Quake Live

Photo: id Software

The Gathering will aslo this year host a Quake Live-tournament. Quake Live is a relatively new game, that continues where the classic Quake 3 Arena left us. A game that many still thinks is the best FPS-game of all time.

Quake Live is very popular with over 1 million registered users. The game is easy to pickup and play, but still has a complex skillcurve. And that have made Quake Live a loved game by FPS-gamers from all over the world. The best part? - It's free! - www.quakelive.com


Please take your time to read The Gathering 2011 Quake Live Tournament Rules:

The Tournament at The Gathering 2011 will consist of 32 players. The tournament will be double-elimination. So if you lose a match you still have a chance to reach the final. But if you lose again you are out of the tournament. The tournament will be played friday 22/4 2011, with the final played the next day (Saturday)

Signups will open on April. 20. 09:00 and close 22:00 the day after.

Further information about brackets and signups will be announced shortly.
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