StarCraft II

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StarCraft 2 is the continuation of StarCraft: Brood War. Brood War is recognized as one of the best eSport-games ever made. StarCraft 2 was released on the 27th of July last year, but already during the beta there were several major tournaments with good price money. Since the release of the game the interest for StarCraft 2 has only risen, and one of the highlights of 2010 was the tournament at DreamHack Winter 2010 were Day[9] and Apollo were casting the games. StarCraft 2 also has the biggest league in esport with the Global StarCraft 2 League in South Korea.


Please take your time to read the ruleset for The Gathering 2011 Starcraft 2 tournament:


We have picked seven maps that will be played at The Gathering. These maps are the following:
  1. Shakuras Plateau
  2. Shattered Temple
  3. Typhon Peaks
  4. MLG ICCup Testbug v1.1
  5. Xel`Naga Caverns
  6. TSL3 GSL Terminus Re v1.0
  7. Tal'Darim Altar - Ladderversion

There will be room for 64 players in the StarCraft 2 tournament at The Gathering 2011. These players will have three different ways to qualify to the event

  • 16 players will be invites by this years Game:crew
  • 32 players will have the opportunity to qualify through several online qualification that will be held before The Gathering 2011 starts.
  • 16 of the players will have the opportunity to qualify through an BYOC qualifier at The Gathering 2011.


The Gathering 2011 is proud to present this years invites to our StarCraft 2 tournament. The hunt for players has in no way been a simple task, and one of the reasons for this is that the Easter is without a doubt one of the highlights for the LAN season. But we are proud to present our 11 invited players.

  • Norway isaK – Lions – Zerg
  • Norway Snute – GamersLeague – Zerg
  • Norway Fredz – aGitated – Zerg
  • Norway Fury – alchemist Unleashed – Terran
  • Sweden SjoW – Team Dignitas – Terran
  • Sweden Bischu – Team Dignitas – Protoss
  • Sweden Thorzain – Praetoriani – Terran
  • Romania NightEnD – Praetoriani – Protoss
  • Sweden FuRy – RG Esports – Terran
  • Sweden Cytoplasm – RG Esports – Zerg
  • Sweden SaSe – MYM – Protoss

The original plan was to invite 16 players, but because of great competition from other LANs in the Easter, we ended at 11 invited players. Because of this were standing with 5 first seed spots to fill out, and we have decided to solve this by upgrading 5 of the players who qualify through the Online Qualifiers to first seed, and at the same time give the BYOC-tournament 5 new spots.

Qualifiers online

Qualifiers will be held in cooperation with the Norwegian SC2-community site in March and April. There will be held 4 single-elimination qualifiers. 2 for everyone on the EU server and 2 open only for Norwegians. 8 players will qualify from each qualifiers, and will be able to participate in the SC2-tournament at The Gathering 2011.

After a player has qualified, he or she will have 7 days to prove that they have bought a ticket for The Gathering 2011. They will also now have the opportunity to buy the “Pro Gamer” ticket.

Online-Qualifiers will be held:

  • 17th March, 18:00 CET. Open for Norwegians only. [ Results ]
  • 25th March, 18:00 CET, Open for all on the EU server. [ Results ]
  • 2nd April, 17:00 CET, Open for all on the EU server. [ Results ]
  • 10th April, 17:00 CET, Open for Norwegians only. [ Results ]

Signups for the first EU online-qualifier will start as soon as the Norwegian only tournament is done. Signups for the other online-qualifiers will open when the previous qualifier ends.

Please take your time to read the information and additional rules added for the online-qualifiers.






BYOC qualifiers

This qualifier will be played on the players own computers during the first day of The Gathering 2011. 256 players will get the opportunity to fight their way into the main tournament for StarCraft 2 at The Gathering 2011.

The BYOC qualifier starts 22:00 on Wednesday 20th of April, and the last opportunity to sight up for the qualifier is 21:00 same day.

The BYOC-qualifier will be played in a best of 1 format, single elimination. Because of several of the players who qualified through the online qualifiers have backed down, there is now 26 spots instead of the original 16 who are designated to the BYOC qualifiers. To solve this in the easiest way, we will play just like normal until Ro32, after this the losers will get some extra opportunities to qualify.

The 16 players who win the Ro32 will directly qualify to the main tournament, while the 16 who lost gets not only 1, but 2 extra shots at qualifying. The 16 losing players from the Ro32 will play a Ro16 where the 8 winners qualify, while the 8 losers will get one more opportunity to qualify for the main tournament. The last 8 players will play 2 rounds, until we stand with the 2 last players and a total of 26 qualified players for the main event.

We wish ever player good luck, and hope that anyone that plays SC2 signs up!

Remember to join the irc channel on quakenet! ;)

Main tournament

The main tournament will be played on computers that rigged up in the eSport area by the gamecrew. This last and final part of the tournament will last from Thursday to Saturday.

There will be a total of 64 players in the main tournament that will be split into 16 groups. The 16 players that get an invitation will get a first seed, the 32 that qualified online will get second and third seed, and the 16 that qualified in the BYOC tournament will get fourth and last seed. Top two players from each group advance to the playoffs.

The upper part of the brackets is the first bulk for tomorrows matches. So all the players from RiChY to RainDog will play their matches at 0900 tomorrow morning.

The lower part of the brackets is the second bulk for tomorrows matches. So all the players from Cytoplasm to MMGMrtz will play their matches at 1030 tomorrow morning.

More information regarding the StarCraft II tournament will be made public in the following weeks.

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