Great success!

Photo: Vetle Halvorsen
We conclude the game competitions of The Gathering 2011 with results and a huge smile for successfully arranged tournaments!

After housing competitions in Quake Live, Heroes of Newerth, Trackmania, Minecraft and Starcraft II, as well as some creative competitions, we are proud to put a close to a very successful year for the game competitions at The Gathering.

Both players and spectators attended with joy, great attitudes and big smiles on their faces. We all got to witness some of the greatest matches played to date, and to all of you who missed out, the vods will be published shortly here on

Everyone seemed to enjoy their stay at The Gathering 2011. With the new Game:Arena we seemed to have hit a cord with both the players and spectators, a relaxing corner a little away from most of the mandatory The Gathering noise, with a huge grandstand for spectators and the participants gaming zone close by, it turned into our goal of the main hub for all gaming enthusiasts. Even the most professional of players showed a liking to our event, as Starcraft II tournament winner SjoW says:

The Gathering is an great event, even if its a bit noisy. I really liked being at TG11, so you will most likely also see me again next year.

And of course we will do everything in our power to make the next years game competitions better than ever! We are already started the work and hope to see all gaming and e-sports men and women next year for another great event.

Final results for the game competitions

Starcraft II:
1. SjoW
2. SaSe
3. NightEnD

Trackmania Nations Forever:
1. Bergie
2. Moriah
3. Scream

Heroes of Newerth:
1. NoGrenades
2. Pandabearz
3. Broken Masma

Quake Live:
1. Fazz
2. Sadface
3. Pettern

Call of Duty: Black ops FFA PC:
1. Grim
2. Anjo
3. Aztr1x

Call of Duty: Black ops XBOX360:
1. foreign
2. focuzed
3. adverto

Minecraft - build Vikingskipet:
1. Eivind Olsnes
2. Sondre Knutsen
3. Håkon Jevnesveen

Real Life Game Staging:
1. Anonymous

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