He is the bass!

Photo: Vetle Halvorsen
Kaktusen is the man behind the winning contributions of Fast Remix and Freestyle Music as well as the maker of the PlayPsyCos "We Crave Sustenance" soundtrack. He loves what he's doing!

- I'm only doing the best I can, I like being here and I enjoy the compos, says Magnus Sørlie after the award ceremony.

At TG Magnus Sørlie is best known as Kaktusen or Miu. Both this year, the last and in 2009 he has been one of the mentors of the creative lounge.

- I started at TG - well, I actually started before TG, but the first time I visited TG in 2001 - that's when I realised this was a place to show your works.
- There was a community. They were equal-minded, and it was not just me sitting in a corner in front of my father's computer doing this.
- There was a whole world of people doing the same as me here.

Sound and music as a career after TG

- This motivated me further, and I ended up studying sound and I have been working professionally with many big actors and movies, television, Pokémon, Byggmester Bob, Buzz for Playstation 3, things like that.
- I've done a lot of stuff, but now I'm more focused on music and that's why I'm doing so well here, I think...
- I'm a super geek and I love what I'm doing!
- I love reading geeky stuff about tiny details on how sound works, sound design in films and everything - it's the whole package that attracts me.

In the creative compos he has been doing great since day one.

- It was kinda funny because I won in the first year I went here.
- It was a co-operation of me and a guy calling himself "The wacko", we handed in a track together and won the Tracked Music compo.
- It was so cool and much of the reason why I became excited about this. I thought, "I could actually live with this".

Loves Fast Remix.

If there's one compo he gladly talks about, it's strangely enough it is the one with the shortest deadline, Fast Remix.

- I love Fast Remix, because it really challenges you!
- Music is often production and idea phase, and then there is the processing phase, when you get there the fun kinda disappears.
- The best part of making music is the production part, which is the only one in Fast Remix because they have to be combined.
- You just have to "Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack"!
- I had done a lot of the dubstep beforehand, both on my high quality contribution and the demo soundtrack, so the Fast Remix went pretty fast and was a lot of fun.
- The material was really cool to work with, too. It's important for us musicians to have something fun to work with and not just crap, he says while pointing out that last year's Fast Remix was nice as well.
- Fast Remix is hella fun!

Miu feat. Zaiah'Man - We are the bass (TG11 compo edit):

- You can do it if you really want to!

After ten years of TG he is not at all tired of hearing new music from new musicians.

- Never give up, keep going, keep it up, you only need a laptop and vitality, he demonstrates.
- Everyone says it's possible if you really want it, "Follow your dreams and you will make it", and it's so true!
- You can do it if you want to, YouTube has so much information and tutorials, as well as Google, Amazon has books; a hella good one will only cost you a few bucks.
- Keep seeking knowledge and you'll make it.
- Please, make music, it's always cool to hear newcomers, he encourages all inspired participants.

But you probably won't earn a lot of money making music.

- Remember, behind every song there is a poor artist, you will not get rich doing this. You have to to it because you enjoy it, not for the money.

Want more, his seminar on Digital Music Production may be found here.

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