Main organizers in place

Photo: Vetle Halvorsen
The TG organizers are elected, as such the countdown for the easter of 2012 begins.

"There has been a lot of good applicants for the management team for The Gathering 2012 and the KANDU board has selected a group we're convinced will do a good job and cooperate well",  Andreas-Johann Ulvestad writes, on (Norwegian only).

The main organizers of TG12 are the same as for TG11:

Vegard Skjefstad - Core
Jørgen Vigdal - Event
Simon Valvik - Info
Carl Henrik Myhre - Security
Marcus Sæthershagen - Tech

In addition Lars Petter Johnsen have been reelected as the participant ombudsman. Janne Bjergli have already been elected as the crew's ombudsman.

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