Talkative? Join us at IRC!

Photo: Screenshot / irssi
On the channel #TG at EFNet you can chat with crew, participants and others. Read on to learn more.

How to get there

To be on IRC you need a client of some sort. There are several alternatives for all modern OSs, including mIRC (Windows), Colloquy (OS X) and irssi (UNIX). You can even use an in-browser client at Once you have a client, you need to connect to a network. The network we use is EFNet, and it consists of a multitude of servers including It is not an official information channel, as all information is published first here at


We have some rules that must be obeyed on our channel. Failure to do so will result in a temporary ban. The full set of rules can be read here. The following is an excerpt from the rules:

  • Write in either Norwegian or English (we might accept Swedish or Danish, but not l33tsp34k, lolspeak or similar gimmicks)
  • Treat the other users nicely.
  • No talk about file sharing.


There might not be activity there at all times, but stay around for a little while and someone is likely to reply to you.

See you on #TG!

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