The Gathering Marketplace

Bring your phat stuff and cash in some extra spending money!

Got a spare Xbox 360? Too many DVD's? How about getting rid of that old car of yours? We welcome all participants to hand in their gadgets for auctioning at The Gathering.

We accept items at the desk next to the stage each day between 18:00 and 18:30. Keep an eye open for the next auctions, and strike a nice bargain this easter at The Gathering!

Some rules apply:

- Service charge for each auction; NOK 50,- (Will go directly to charity, TBA)

- All buyers/sellers are required to show a valid ID upon handing in items and closing a deal.

- The Gathering does not take responsibility for failed tradings. We only offer a way for sellers/buyers to get in contact with eachother.

- Age limit for selling: 16 years old

- Any stolen items delivered for sale at The Marketplace will be reported to the Police.

- All sellers are given the oppurtunity to set a minimum price before handing in their items for auctioning. Items that do not meet minimum bid will be given back to seller. The 50,- NOK service charge will not be returned.

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