The Gathering 2011 - Partly Cloudy opening show

At 8PM we hit the lightswitch and start creating the magical atmosphere that is The Gathering. Watch out for the occational lightning bolt, or sudden outbursts of clouds that shouldn't be where they just popped up. Start heading for the stage to receive a touch of crucial information, not to mention tons of heavy, pumping and awesome music!


Da Tweekaz @ The Gathering 2011

This year's TG will kick off with a heavy harstyle set, performed by two of Norway's finest at this sound. Accompanied by a mindblowing lasershow, the dudes of Da Tweekaz will pump out a fuming, heavy and hard set of raw hardstyle. Well known for their passion for the 8bit-sound - we feel theese guys will hit the average TG-participants right where they'll feel it. Their music has been played by some of the world's most famous hardstyle DJ's, such as Coone, Tatanka, Brennan Heart, Isaac etc. Beeing the only signed Norwegian hardstyle act, and having produced this years Hardstyle DNA anthem, we're sure they'll be a success.

Check out Da Tweekaz on Spotify and Youtube while waiting for easter ;)

We're also proud of supporting "our own" on their way to world domination. With 5 years as participants at TG behind them, we feel it's time to move their sounds from the floor and up to the mainstage.



OVRPWR is a promising up and coming electronic/pop-rock act which started their career at The Gathering, when they won the High Quality Music compo at The Gathering 2010. The band was started by Alexander Odden, aka Flipside, and Andreas Groth. At The Gathering 2011 they'll be accompanied by a full band. Their music may remind you of Pendulum and other world famous DnB-, Dubstep-, Trance- and House bands.


The Gathering 2011 ByteSized

Dont miss this 1 hour session of really important what to's session on the Main Stage. Guests and organizers behind The Gathering will give you a step-by-step guide on what to do during easter 2011. Which compos not to miss, what's going on in the creative lounge, what's up on the stage, which games are we competing in etc. etc. Be there!




Veslemøy & Kvikksølvguttene


Get ready for a good laugh. Does theatre without a script sound like a good idea to you? Would you stand on a stage in front of thousands of people, not having the slightest clue what you'll have to do next? This is what improvisational theatre is all about. A show that no one has ever seen before, or will ever see again. Do you dare to miss out on the fun?



Suit up and join us by the stage as we get ready for the most important awards show this year:

The 9th annual Awards


Every year, you continue to impress us with amazing entries in the various creative competitions here at The Gathering. Well, guess what: The Gathering isn't the only place where people create cool stuff and show off their skills in graphics, programming, music and direction. The Awards honors the best of the best from last year's demoscene productions. While previous years' award shows have been streamed directly from Germany, we are proud to be hosting this year's show. Make sure you don't miss out on this show featuring:

  • Awards!
  • The best demoscene productions of 2010!
  • Friendly hosts!
  • Live stream with our friends at the German demo party Revision!
  • An exclusive performance by the mysterious demoscene artists LFOdd and MC VocODD from the even more mysterious demo group ODD, Demo compo winner at TG03!
  • More awards!

If you are even remotely interested in computers, coding, music, graphics or art, this is THE event you don't want to miss. Put on your party face and grab a good seat early!



Mental Magic with Henry Leander Andersen


A hypnosis show is not only entertaining, it is also surprising and fascinating. It is impossible to know what'll happen, as those induced in hypnosis express their own interpretation of what's real. When you see your long lasting friend suddenly expressing his hidden feelings, and their fantasy really kicking into gear, it might be difficult not to laugh. A show with Henry Leander Andersen is not designed to humiliate anyone. You'll experience a show with focus on demonstration various hypnotical phenomena, and the various immediate reactions humans are able to express.
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