The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe


Feel like wasting excessive amounts of time placing blocks on other blocks this Easter? Then you've come to the right place! The first Minecraft competition was held at The Gathering 2011, where the challenge was to re-create the "Vikingship".


In a galaxy far, far away

Yes, that's right. It's the theme for this year's minecraft compo!


Since the overall theme for The Gathering 2012 is "At the end of the universe", we thought that the minecraft theme would be just perfect!

Maybe our space-vikingship can give you some inspiration for your contribution?

We hope to see many exciting and creative contributions, and of course we hope that YOU want join in! :)

The competition is quite simple. Pretty much anything goes as far as your submission project is concerned as long as it is created in the Minecraft environment, and we will also be allowing you to work in groups (more about that later). There are a few quid pro quos that you need to keep in mind, though, and so the following are the rules for the competition:

Key rules:

  • No group shall contain more than 5 people.
  • At least one person from the group behind the contribution must be a participant at The Gathering 2012.
  • At least 20 screenshots taken at regular intervals from start to finish of the building process must be taken. Name the images beginning with "building_"
  • At least 15 pictures of the final structure must be taken. Name the images beginning with "final_"
  • The project is to be handed in on a DVD or a flash memory stick. The submitted contents should be a README, Screenshots and a zip/rar of the world file itself.
  • The project has to be delivered to the game:desk by the official time and date listed at the bottom of this page. The deadline is absolute! Any project handed in after the deadline will not judged as part of the competition.
  • The README must contain the name of all contributors, a name of the “group” and a little text explaining the build.
  •   If you hand in your submission with any files missing, your entry will be considered invalid, and your project will have to be remade before the deadline if it is to be a part of the competition.
  • Judges will be selected from the crew of The Gathering 2012. Their decisions are final and can only be changed if a picked project violates any of the rules or regulations.
  •  Texturepacks are not allowed.

How to find your world/save-files:

Windows XP / Windows 7:

/Users/Your User Name Here/Library/Application Data/minecraft
/Users/Your User Name Here/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves


If you host your own server, you should know where the worldfiles are. ;)

1st 5 000 NOK
2nd 2 500 NOK
3rd 1 250 NOK

The prizes presented are to be picked up by at least one group member listed in the readme file of the winning entry (see rules above). If no one from the group can be there at the ceremony, the prize will be donated to other competitions at The Gathering 2012. The prizes will be handed out during the official Game:Crew Prize Ceremony held at 8pm on Saturday. If the Prize Ceremony is delayed for any reason and the member cannot attend, the prize will be shipped to the winner at a later date. 

The latest possible submission time is 14:00 on Saturday 7th.