The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe

Starcraft II

StarCraft 2 is the sequel to StarCraft: Brood War, a game recognised as one of the best eSport games ever made. StarCraft 2 was released on the 27th of July 2010, and even during the beta there were several major tournaments offering prize money. Since the release of the game, interest in StarCraft 2 has only risen. Attracting a number of top-level players, a particular highlight for many gamers was the commentary by Day[9] and Apollo during DreamHack 2011. Starcraft 2 also has the biggest leagues in eSports with the Global StarCraft 2 League in South-Korea being the largest.


Competition Entry

There will be a total of 48 player slots for The Gathering 2012 tournament. These slots will be allocated as follows:

  • 16 slots will be invited by the Game:crew board
  • 16 slots will be available through online qualification before the start of The Gathering
  • 16 slots will be available through a "BYOC" qualification for the attendees of The Gathering



The Gathering 2012 is proud to present this year's invites to our StarCraft 2 tournament. The hunt for
players has in no way been a simple task, and one of the reasons for this is that Easter is without
a doubt one of the busiest periods in the LAN season.

  •   GLSnute
  •   LucifroN
  •   RoX.KiS.TitaN
  •   Dignitas.SjoW
  •  Dignitas.Bischu
  • Fnatic.NightEnD
  •   BXƎzuP
  •   Dignitas.merz
  •  Grubby
  •   FXO.SlaViK
  •  BXƎznow
  •   mouzThorZaIN
  •  mouzMorroW 
  •  NrS.RaNgeD
  •  TypePhoenix


Online Qualifiers

Qualifiers will be held in cooperation with the Norwegian SC2-community site in March. After
a player has qualified, he or she will have 7 days to prove that they have bought a ticket for The
Gathering 2012. They will also be given the opportunity to buy a "Pro Gamer" ticket.

There will be a total of 5 online qualifying tournaments, through which one player will be awarded an invite-slot and the rest will fill the online qualifiers slots.

 More information about the qualifying tournaments can be found on

Qualified Players

  • AlaStOr
  •  VortiX
  •  TypeDBS
  •  BXƎChi
  •  VPBenQlTuruk
  •  NrSSeala
  • GLBiOhAzArD


BYOC Qualifier (Bring your own computer)

This qualifier will be played on the players' own computers during the first day of The Gathering 2012. Up to 256 players will get the opportunity to fight their way into the main tournament for StarCraft 2. The BYOC qualifier starts at 21:00 on Wednesday the 4th of April, with the last opportunity to sign up for the qualifier at 20:00 the same day.

The BYOC-qualifier will be played in a 'best of one' format, single elimination. We wish ever player good luck, and hope that anyone that plays SC2 signs up!

Remember to join the irc channel #tg.sc2 on quakenet! (Click here if you don't have an irc client)

Round 1: GSL_Antiga Shipyard
Round 2: GSL_Bel'Shir Beach (Winter)
Round 3: GSL_Daybreak
Round 4: GSL_Metropolis
Round 5: ESL Entombed Valley
Round 6: Cloud Kingdom LE
Round 7: Tal'darim Altar LE 


Main Tournament

The main tournament will be played on computers that have been rigged up in the e-sports arena by the
gamecrew. This last and final part of the tournament will run from Wednesday through Saturday.

There will be a total of 48 players in the main tournament, and these players will be split into 16 groups. The
invited players get the first seed. The online qualifiers get the second seed. The BYOC-qualifiers are then given the third seed. You will find more about the tournament sturcture in the rule set:


Players and teams must check-in for the main tournament:

  1. Upon arrival for The Gathering 2012, players and teams must check-in and confirm their arrival at the Game:Desk.

  2. Players and Team Managers must fill out a form with contact and bank account information at the Game:Desk – it is the players' and teams own responsibility to make sure this information is given to The Gathering's Administration and that the provided information is correct. Providing faulty information may result in the loss of prizes.

    Please have all bank details, including international codes and transfer information ready when you come to check in.

  3. Make sure that you meet up for your matches at least 30 minutes prior to any scheduled match time.


** If you have any technical problems please do the following:

1. Electricity disconnects: Contact Security and then tell the Game Desk.

2. Network disconnects: Tell Secutiry and then tell the Game Desk.

If it affects one of your matches, the game will be delayed. However, if you do not tell us in time (20 minutes maximum), then a walkover will be declared, and you will automatically lose your match.



Main Tournament Prizes: 
Total: 100 000 NOK
1st – 55 000 NOK
2nd – 25 000 NOK
3rd – 10 000 NOK
4th – 5 000 NOK
5th – 1 250 NOK
6th – 1 250 NOK
7th – 1 250 NOK
8th – 1 250 NOK