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WintherStormer is an electronic diffusion tutti band. The musicians performs with analogue gear. They improvise music directly, manually, live, and without pre-programmed aid. The music is a mixture of the Berlin school electronic music, progressive rock, Kraut and free-form improvisation.

Band members:

  • Terje Winther: analog synthesizers, sequencers,keyboards
  • Erik Stormer: analog modular synthesizers, sequencers
  • Atle Pakusch Gundersen: guitar, electronics, vocoder, theremin / Geir
  • Marthin Helland: drums, percussion

Seymoure Bits 

Seymour Bits is one of the many guises of Bas Bron. Amsterdam-born Bas Bron is a multi-talented producer/entertainer. He is the winner of many awards like the MTV Europe and Mobo-Award, as a producer for the dutch electro-rap-crew "De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig" (DJVT). DJVT (or Youth Of Today) are a ground-breaking crew that have inspired a whole new wave of electro-funk groups in Europe and beyond. You can hear Bas' beats and influence in many records throughout the world. The latest notch on his sleeve is "Die Antwoord", who are featured on his album and have had a lot of help from Bas with the recording.

Bas is also part of Comtron, which is  in the underground electro-world a well-respected brand name. Comtron has supported Kraftwerk on their last European tour. Bas is often referred to as the European answer to Prince and or Dam Funk. He plays an endless string of instruments and sings, moans and croons like true Funkateer. Check them out here: http:/


The c-men originally started in 1998 as a duo, when Julian van Aalderen met Sjors Trimbachat at the Media Art Department of the AKI art academy in their hometown Enschede. Julian taught Sjors the basics of animation and after having attended a lecture by the dutch VJ (Video Jockey) collective Captain Video, they decided to become Amiga VJs, using Captain Video's Video Jockey tool MNU, written specially for the Commodore Amiga computer.

In the beginning they mostly did visuals for electro, techno, drum 'n bass, noise, and acid gigs all over the country, but soon they played gigs abroad in Croatia and South Korea with the art organisation Planetart. Sjors was also the driving force behind a series of VJ battles (first one's ever held in the Netherlands), where (inter)national VJ teams would display their skills simultaneously on multiple screens, as wellas exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum and lectures by upcoming VJ developers.

Apart from various residencies in the Netherlands they also got in touch with the people behind Micromusic, a webcommunity for chipmusic enthusiasts. This resulted in a lot of gigs in European cities and in the US, as well as organizing shows with international chip-musicians in the Netherlands.

After 5 years they split up, with Sjors focusing more on his love for drawing and becoming a founding figure in the paper toy scene. Meanwhile Julian continued "veejaying", founded the c64 orchestra, did a Video-clip for Lenny Kravitz, gave VJ workshops and lectures in schools, and in Moscow, Bergen, Brussels and co-organizing a series of chip music gigs together with Alles Los Agencies.

In 2009 Sjors and Julian reunited for the 10 year C-men anniversary and did a final set as a duo. Julian continues to "veejay".