The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe



The Department of Informatics at Uni. Oslo is bringing one of the worlds most advanced robots - NAO Next Gen - to The Gathering this easter and will hold a lecture on social robotics, a course on robot programming and demostrations of the robot. NAO, which is used daily in research in language technology, represents the dawn of a new era, where robots can interact naturally with and perform tasks with humans.

Windows 8

Join Johan Arwidmark, one of the world’s foremost deployment experts in a dazzling session on what to expect from the Windows 8 client. You learn about the tools and tips to install Windows 8, as well as diving into the new features, including the Metro UI and new cool hardware support. You learn how to quickly generate a “Windows-8-all-in-one” ISO and USB deployment solution, including your drivers and applications, as well as dual booting with Windows 7 using the updated boot from VHD support. You can expect lots of tips & tricks and live demos in this session.

Visual Studio 11

We will walk you trough development for Windows 8. You will get a walk trough of who you as a beginner can start developing apps for Windows 8. You will be given an introduction to Visual Studio 2011 and how you can use it to develop for Windows 8.

Technology in 20 years

Simon McCallum talks about what life and gaming will be like in 2032, if we make it.

Parallell programming

Simon McCallum about why games are slow on your awesome machine and what is coming.

Digital Forensics

Description coming.

Creativia keynote

Description coming.