The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe

Creative Competitions

Creative Competitions

The annual creative competitions at The Gathering is your unique chance to show or play your masterpiece to a large audience on one of the best audio and video systems in the country. You'll get a live reaction and feedback from a crowd of inspired fans, and have a chance to win prizes and awards.

This is a list of the creative competitions that will be held at The Gathering 2012. You can start working on your entry right away (except in Fast- and Themed-compos)! Detailed descriptions of the compos and rules will be published later.

To deliver contributions and voting: 


  • Demo
    Where teamwork, adept skills and long night hours become mindblowing entertainment. Create an executable showdown of your graphics, music and programming skills combined and become demoscene legends.
  • Intro
    Where demos go really tiny, 64 kB or less. How many bytes do you need to rock the big screen? Is 4 the new 64?
  • Fast Intro
     8 hours, 3 wicked themes, 137 warnings, 0 errors.


  • Freestyle Graphics
    Art by pixel, all tools allowed.
  • Rendered Graphics
    Art by 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering.
  • Themed Graphics
    Create a piece of freestyle graphics art about a given theme.
    This year's theme is "Everyday life in space".
  • MS Paint
     Because brushes, layers and fancy effects are for wimps!


  • Freestyle Music
    Your original track, played out loud for the first time to a large audience.
  • Fast Remix
     We'll provide a track, you'll do a remix - in 6 hours.
  • Sanestation Music
    We provide you with a software synth (VSTi), and you make a track with it.


  • NGA Game Development
    Develop a game and present it to the TG audience.
  • NGA Themed Game Development
    Develop a game in one week according to a given theme and release it to the world at TG.
  • Hardcore Programming
    Create an artificial intelligence and let it battle your contestants on the big screen. The compo case and development kit will be released before the party.
  • Small HTML
     Dirty hacks beyond quirks mode. Make an HTML-page as small as you can (in terms of bytes) while it still displays the same image in the browser. Assignment is released at the party.


  • Freestyle Video
    For animation, editing, direction and innovation worthy of more than YouTube.
  • Themed Photo
    Capture a moment in time for everyone to enjoy. This year's theme is "Wildlife".