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NGA Game Development

NGA Game Development

The world needs new, fun games to play. Do you have the next great idea, and the skills and enthusiasm it takes to bring it to life?

Norwegian Game Awards (NGA) is a national game development competitions for students, which is held every year. The Game Development Competition at The Gathering is a part of NGA. The Game Development Competition at The Gathering is however, open for everyone, not just students.

The Game Development Compo is arranged by Norwegian Game Awards. If you like this compo, check out our main competition on


  1. Presentation

    In the NGA Game Dev compo you are given 5 minutes of stage time to show your game to the world.

  2. Voting

    The audience and a jury will be voting for their favourites. The game with the most votes wins!

  3. Hand in

    You can participate in the competition with any game you have made, both by yourself or with your team.

  4. Prizes

    1. 6 000 NOK
    2. 4 000 NOK
    3. 2 500 NOK
  5. Entering the NGA Finale

    Games handed in in this competition will also compete for a spot in the glorious NGA finale later this year. This gives you the chance of winning more prizes and attract more attention to your game.

  6. General rules

    The general rules for the Gathering 2012 creative competitions apply to this compo.