The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
NGA Themed Game Development

NGA Themed Game Development

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  1. Theme

    The game must be in tune with the theme of the competition. This year's theme is:

    Fish out of water

    Someone who is in a situation they are unsuited for, or something that's in a situation where it does not belong. For instance, a superhero with the wrong powers to complete his mission, or a military robot from the future in a dating sim.

  2. Hand in

    Entries in Norwegian Game Awards Game Themed Development Competition must be delivered through the web-based compo system. Hand in a ZIP or RAR file containing the entry itself, and a short text file (file_id.diz/.nfo/.txt) with information about the entry as well as contact info.

  3. What to deliver

    Binary and source code of either a playable demo or full version of your game.

  4. Deciding a winner

    The winner will be chosen by a jury. The jury will focus on whether your game is: Playable, innovative, aesthetic and in tune with the theme.

  5. Game Platforms

    The game can be written for any electronic platform you choose in any language you would like. However, if your game is not runnable on the Windows 7 platform you must supply the appropriate platform for the jury.The platform can be delivered to the NGA crew in the Creative Lounge after you have delivered your entry.

  6. NGA Game Development Compo

    All entries in NGA Themed Game Dev compo qualifies for the NGA Game Dev Compo as well.

  7. Prices

    1. 10 000 NOK
    2. 7 500 NOK
    3. 2 500 NOK
  8. General rules

    The general rules for the Gathering 2012 creative competitions apply to this compo.