The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
SaneStation Music

SaneStation Music

Synthetic sound. For real

We provide you with a software synth (VSTi), and you make a track with it. No other sound sources are allowed. Not that it matter, since it's technically impossible to include them anyway.

Download the archive, read the documentation, have fun!

Update, april 2nd: Now upgraded to version 1.03, which fixes a bug with pitch bend messages in the compiler. So, please install the newest version.

To use SaneStation, you need a VST-host, i.e. Reaper for Windows and OS X (don't worry, the trial should do the trick), Cubase or Renoise (Windows, Linux, and OS X).


  1. Hand-in

    Entries in the competition must be delivered through the web-based compo system.

    All entries must be delivered as a zip or rar file containing the track itself and a short text file with information about the entry (author, track name, additional credits) as well as contact info.

  2. Voting and pre-selection

    This is a fun compo, and we will try to play all entries for the audience. If there are more entries than we have time for, we might cut tracks based on our own perception of entertainment value and production quality.

    The winner will be chosen by popular vote.

  3. Allowed formats

    The entry must be submitted as an EMP file, as explained in the readme file (tg2012readme.pdf) that is included with the plugin files.

    Other file formats are not allowed, and will result in a disqualification.

  4. Maximum length

    Three (3) minutes.

    Don't take this as an obligation to actually fill three minutes, as you have an audience to entertain.

  5. Prizes (in NOK)

    • 1st prize 2500,-
    • 2nd prize 1500,-
    • 3rd prize 1000,-
  6. General rules

    The general rules for The Gathering 2012 creative competitions apply to this compo.