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Compo System for the Creative competitions

Compo System for the Creative competitions

Here is a short guide to the compo system we'll be using to handle compo entries.

You can find the compo system at

When you hand in your entry, you need to upload a zip or rar archive which contains all the files that are required by the compo you are entering in. Please read the compo rules and make sure you have prepared everything.

Also, please remember to name your archive in the following format: Example: Vafler-blant-publikum-by-Ola-Compodeltager.rar. You don't need to put the name of the compo in your filename, as we already know which compo the entry is registered in.

Log in

Regular participants with any valid The Gathering ticket can log in with their Geekevents account. If you are a crew member, you can log in with your username and password from Wannabe. If you are a sponsor and don't have a ticket in Geekevents, please contact the Creativia helpdesk, and we will help you.

Upload an entry

In the menu, choose Upload an entry. You will then be presented with a form where you can enter information about your entry. In the field marked Compo, select the compo that you want to participate in. In the field marked Product title, input the title of your entry - please choose a name that describes the content of your entry rather than "TG12 Compo Entry". In the field for Author, write your own name/nickname. The title of your entry will be shown in the compo slides before and after your entry, along with your name/nickname. In the Comment field, you are free to put a comment that will be shown alon with your entry name and nick when your entry is shown . This field is optional, so you don’t have to put anything there unless there’s something about your entry that you think is useful or interesting.

In the Comment for the organizers field, you can fill in any extra information the compo team might need to know about your entry. This can be your phone number if you think the compo team might need to contact you, or any particular instructions about how to display your entry. This field is also optional, so you don’t have to fill anything in here in order to submit.

The field Uploaded file is where you upload your actual entry. You have to submit a zip or rar archive that contains all the files that are required by the compo. For example, in Freestyle Graphics, the rules say that you need to submit three work in progress images that show the workflow of your entry. These will need to be included in the archive for your entry to be valid. Make sure your entry follows all rules for the compo you’re participating in.

In a few compos, there are two deadlines - soft and hard. Please be advised that you have to register your entry in the compo system BEFORE the soft deadline, otherwise you won’t be able to participate in the compo. However, you don’t need to submit a final version before the hard deadline, and we even allow placeholders if you are certain you are going to deliver. 

In the Screenshot field, you can upload a screenshot of your entry. This screenshot will be displayed on the voting page to make it easier for voters to remember your entry, so don’t forget to upload a screenshot!

The entries you submit will be uploaded to and made available from after the compo show if your entry gets shown. This means you should not put any kind of personal information, such as your phone number etc. in the archive unless you want this info to be publicly available. Use the compo system for such information.

When you’re done entering your info, press Go! and your entry will be submitted. You are now ready to participate in the compo!

My entries

In this menu, you can see and edit all your entries. If you have forgotten something in your submission, or just want to update your entry, you can do so here. In the graphics compos in particular, it’s important to remember all your work in progress images, or you will risk getting disqualified. You can update your entry as many times  as you want until the deadline for the compo. (This menu was originally called Update entries)

In this menu, you will also be able to see the status of your entries, and feedback from the compo team (if any).

"New" means your entry has been uploaded, and nothing has been done with it yet.
"Qualified" means your entry is awesome and we will show it in the compo!
"Non-qualified" means that we won't show all the submitted entries, and your entry will  unfortunately not be shown. Better luck next time!
"Disqualified" means that you broke one or more compo rules. Please read the rules again.


After the compo show, we will open voting for the compos that have been shown. Under the Voting menu, you will see all the entries in the compo, and you can select which entries to vote for.