The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe

Security rules

This is an important announcement with the rules of attendance for this year's event. Please read carefully and help us give you a safe and enjoyable party experience.

People under age 16
All (norwegian and foreign) participants under the age of 16 need to bring a signed statement from their parent or guardian allowing them to participate at the event. The concent form can be found here.
If you have any questions about this form, please contact Lars Petter Johnsen, our participants' representative. deltakerombud at gathering dot org

Photo identification required
All party goers must identify themselves upon entry. This is necessary in order to have a complete roster of all party goers and to enforce the blacklists. Accepted ID is drivers license, passport, postal ID card or other quality photo ID credentials.

No extra electrical equipment
No water boilers, fridges, waffle pans or other kitchen utensils can be connected to the TG power grid. There is only so much power to each person, and there are simply not enough power for this kind of equipment. We'll have a designated area with power outlets, but it won't be possible to store your fridge there, sorry. If we find out that you're defying this simple rule, we'll give you a warning or confiscate the equipment. (We suggest you try out our cool "beverage cooler" service.)

Sleep only in designated area
No sleeping on the ground floor, near emergency exits, or under the tables in the hall area. No sleeping on pathways. Sleep only in designated sleeping areas, which is the seating areas around the hall and in our heated, outdoors sleeping tent. See other information about this service on our website or on information boards around the hall.
Do not leave your sleeping bags or other equipment behind in the sleeping areas, as this will make it difficult for other party people to take a nap while you're not. If you choose to ignore this and still leave your stuff behind, we might collect it and throw it in a big pile where you have to dig it out again.
Be advised that the designated sleeping areas will be cleaned twice a day around 08:00 and 20:00, and that we might need to wake you up if you are sleeping there at that moment. Don't get angry if we do.

No smoking
No open flames indoors. Keep emergency exits cleared, do not sleep in front of them or block them in any way. Do not use the green emergency exits to go outside for smoking, they are connected to an alarm system. NO SMOKING INDOORS. Smoking will only be permitted outside the main entrance in a designated area. Please help us keep the area tidy and use the ashtrays. Don't put waste or garbage in the ashtrays, as this eventually will start to burn and stink up the whole town. Yuck!

No alcohol
Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the party area, including the parking area. Any alcohol will be confiscated and destroyed. Attendants offending this simple rule will be asked to leave the party. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed inside the hall. People found to be intoxicated inside the hall might be kicked out of the party, with no refunds.

No freeriders
Any attempt to enter the hall besides trough the checkpoints is strictly prohibited. Security patrol the outside areas of the hall, and this area is also under camera surveillance day and night. If we find out that you're faking the access badge, then we will be very upset. Don't do it - the money coming in from ticket sales are being spent back on the party and you.

No sale of caffeine drinks
Sale or marketing of caffeine drinks otherwise not legal to sell in Norway are not permitted, even personal sales. Confiscated goods will be destroyed. This also applies to caffeine tablets, drinks and foreign energy drinks, where caffeine is higher than the legal limit. What you bring for your personal use is your own business.

Information regarding personal sales
Sales of any items not considered a personal sale, but commercial due to size or intent of it, requires PRIOR written consent from the arrangers. No network marketing or MLM business will be tolerated.

In case of emergency
Please locate the closest emergency exit from your designated seat. In the case of a situation where everyone needs to be evacuated, go to the nearest emergency exit in an orderly fashion. DO NOT PUSH, FOLLOW THE FLOW! Do not bring your computer, as this will hinder an orderly evacuation. Assist others in getting out, and follow any directions from the crew. Keep walking until you're down at the parking lot.

In case you should discover a fire, press a fire alarm button, call 110 on your cellphone or contact a crew member. Get people away from the fire. Follow directions from crew, fire marshals and the police. In the case of a fire alarm, turn off all music/sound and follow the directions given over the loudspeakers and/or megaphones.

Security will monitor the fire alarm system night and day and respond to any alerts immediately.

Theft of property
Please do not leave money, cameras, cellphones, external disk drives or other valuables visible. There's not much reported theft on The Gathering, but we do see that many people leave stuff unattended. If you're concerned about your computer equipment, then make arrangements with your party neighbors to watch out for each others equipment while you're not there. Write down serial numbers on a separate piece of paper, in case something should be lost or stolen, so that we have a chance of identifying your stuff if we get it back. Contact Security if something gets stolen, or the Info:Desk if you lose something.

Wardrobes for girls
The girl showers and wardrobes will be closed with card readers in order to provide extra security. Females can borrow access cards to these wardrobes from the information desk. Please remember to return the access cards after each use.

Wardrobes for the disabled
We have a reserved wardrobe for the disabled participants. Access cards can be borrowed in the information desk. You should be able to document your disability to be allowed to use these wardrobes. If you can't document this, then you can talk to the medic crew who will consider this. Please remember to return access cards to the information desk after each use.

Network identification
The security staff can use network tracing or other methods as part of identifying the responsible person / machine. This will apply to any suspicion of distributing drugs or child pornography / animal pornography, and after consultation with the police. Such cases will be handed over to the police, and could lead to exclusion from the event.

For more information
If you have any questions about security or medical matters, or have some information you'd think we would like to know about, then you're welcome to come talk to us in the Security operations room (up the stairs near the ice skate), or go to Medic (look for the red banner near the crew area). You can also talk to someone with a security or medic uniform if you should have a question about something. We're there to help you.

Emergency assistance
For immediate emergency assistance, get someone to grab a hold of any crew member and ask them to radio for help, call Security on (will be updated soon!) (you should save this on your cellphone and leave the number with your parents), or call the national emergency number 112. We hope you'll enjoy participating at the party as much as we will enjoy working hard in order to make it all happen.