The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe


Visitor ticket

  • Ticket: 300 NOK
  • Deposit: 700 NOK
  • Total: 1000 NOK

Family ticket

  • One-day ticket: 500 NOK
  • Deposit: 500 NOK
  • Total: 1000 NOK

Visitor tickets

If you are familiar with it, the procedure is the same as the last couple of years. Visitor tickets will can be bought on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10:00 and 20:00. These tickets allow you to stay in the venue until 07:30 the next morning.


Please note that as a visitor you can not bring any equipment to or from the arena. This also applies if you have converted your visitor pass to a party-pass.

If you have not left the hall by 07:30 the next morning, your visitor ticket will be converted to a party pass, which allows you to stay the remainder of the event. The deposit will then be considered payment for the party pass. This will however not give you your own seat in the venue.

When you arrive, we will register your name and you will have to pay a deposit which you will get back when you leave the venue. 

Family ticket

You all have to be a member of the same family to be entitled to the family ticket. To get your deposit back, all the visitors registered on the family ticket must leave the party at the same time. If one or more choose to stay behind we will charge you for an amount equal to one person price.