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Six useful tips when applying for a crew position

So, you want to be one of us? We've got a few tips that might come in handy when applying for a position in TG crew.

The participant’s guide to the universe
  • Make sure what you write is easily understandable. Stick to bokmål, nynorsk or English. A well written application with proper language might lead to a better first impression.
  • Let the chief know why you should be chosen for this crew. Be specific – if you want to contribute with your "experience" or "being a positive addition to the crew", you're not really saying anything.
  • Describe any relevant background or experience that you feel might come in handy.
  • Remember that your chief only sees your application, nothing more – he or she cannot guess what skills you have if you do not present them. The text field might look small, but don't let that stop you from being thorough.
  • Let a friend or parent review your application. Some extra feedback might give you that extra edge.
  • Consider carefully whether you want your choices to be prioritized or not. If your first choice is a bit too ambitious, it might be hard to get into your second or third choice. The reason for this is simply that the chiefs mainly look at the applicants who have their crew as first priority, and by the time your first choice is rejected, your second or third choice of crew might be filled up. Make sure you read the descriptions of the crews you apply to properly, and answer any additional questions as best as you can.
  • (Ninja tip: Make yourself known. This can be achieved by hanging out at our forums, our IRC-channel and participating at other parties, or even in another part of the TG-crew. This is a common long term strategy for those seeking admittance to some of the more demanding crews.)