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UiO teaches you fun stuff
Photo: UiO

UiO teaches you fun stuff

UiO has some great lectures and courses today, take a look at their schedule here

GPU1000: Hello World with a GPU
This course will teach you how to program for a GPU.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 13:30

BIO1337: Keyboard Biology: What lives in your keyboard?
There’s life everywhere on earth, and there’s hundreds of lifeforms in your keyboard alone. In this course you’ll learn more about what lives in your keyboard.
Time and place: UiO: Campus TG-stand, Thursday, 14:00

ARA1001: Crash course in arabic
Arabic – more than kebabs and coffee.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 15:00

TRE3000: All about triangles.
The head of the Department of informatics is coming - in person - to talk about his favorite subjects: triangles and triangulations.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 15:30

NAO1000: Programming the NAO robot
Here you'll get a technical demonstration of how the NAO robot is programmed, We'll explain the basic principles of robot programming and some of the most basic features it has (movement, detecting objects and noises etc.).
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 16:00

EKS1000: The art of explosions
From airbags to Mentos in Coke, explosions abound. What is an explosion? Elina and Andreas present the chemical and the physical view of an explosions and practice the art of blowing things up.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 17:00

GAME1000: Basic game development – programming with Processing
Learn how you’ll develop for a keyboard/mouse environment, draw geometric characters and images. No prior programming knowledge is required for this.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 18:00

ARD1000: Physical hacking with Arduino
Introduction to programming of physical things. Learn how to make objects glow, sense their environment and create noise with the help of a programmable microcontroller.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 18:30

GAME1010: Game development – programming with processing
Add sounds, animated drawings and basic physical principals to add a finishing touch to your game. To attend this course, prior programming knowledge is recommended, that or you should have attended GAME1000: Basic Game development.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 19:00

FLY-FYS1000: Paper plane physics
We have all seen paper in flight. Paper planes are tons of fun, but can we make more of them than sheets of paper falling out of the air? UiO: Campus TG looks into cargo and combat applications of folded paper.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 20:00

UIO1101: Life, the University and Everything
A brief introduction to life, the University of Oslo and everything.
Time and place: Auditorium, Thursday, 20:00

SOV1337: RedBull, Caffeine, Polyphasic sleep.
What is caffeine and how does it affect our bodies? Can a cup of coffee reduce the effects of not going to bed? Why do we sleep, anyway? Is it possible to sleep more efficiently? Do you really need to go to bed? This lecture introduces a study in the effects of your quest to evade downtime: sleep deprivation. In order to find the answer to how the TGers manage without sleep, UiO: Campus TG arranges an extensive survey of the sleep deprivation and the caffeines effect on cognitive abilites. With experiments and statistics we will answer the big question: do we need to sleep when we have coffee?
Time and place: Auditorium, night before Friday, 01:30