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Medtech Health application competiton
Photo: Vetle Halvorsen

Medtech Health application competiton

100 000 NOK to the Winners of this creative application competition


Regional Research Fund - "Hovedstaden" and Oslo Medtech invite to app- competition for use in the healthcare sector.
1st prize: 50 000 NOK + up to 250 000 NOK in development grants
2nd prize: 30 000 NOK
3rd prize: 20 000 NOK

Submission Deadline: Monday 30 April 2012.
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Young IT talents challenged at TG by the medtech business

Oslo Medtech is attending The Gathering for the first time. "Oslo Medtech is engaged at The Gathering to create awareness for the health sector's great need for IT skills", says CEO Katherine Myhre Oslo Medtech.
Win 50 000 NOK + up to 250 000 NOK in development funding.

Vegard Skjefstad, The Gathering-founder and driving force, greets Oslo Medtech welcome as a player at the event. - The many people joining the TG is committed to solve challenges and problems. The hall is full of people with data skills keen to do something differently, says Skjefstad. He and Chairman of the organization KANDU, Tommy Hultin, initiated cooperation with Oslo Medtech only a few weeks before this year's event.

Two competitions

Two medtech competitions are launched for the participants at The Gathering. To really accomodate for the target group, two competitions will be launched that invites the IT expertise at The Gathering to participate. 

The first competition is launched in cooperation between Lærdal Medical and Oslo Medtech: The participants at The Gathering are invited to test their abilities in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on one of Lærdal Medical's most advanced training dummies.

– Simulation technology is used in a very advanced way to save human lives. We are holding a tournament in CPR, with support from a local Red Cross team, where the winner will receive a cool gaming headset, says Myhre. 

The other competitions is held in cooperation with Regional Research Fund – "Hovedstaden". The participants are challenged to develop a demo version of a health mobile application that can contribute to better and more efficient health services.  

– The Norwegian health sector faces some great challenges, and this concerns and engages most of us on one level or another, including the computer expertise at The Gathering, says Myhre. 

Tempting problems and big prizes

The participants at The Gathering are invited to descripbe a concept for developing a demo app. A jury will select the three best suggestions after Easter. Regional Research Fund offers prizes that Kathrine Myhre thinks might increase the interest:

– The third place gets 20.000 NOK, second place gets 30.000 NOK and the first place will get 50.000 NOK and an invitation to send in a pre-project application where you can receive up to 250.000 NOK in pre project funding to complete the development of the mobile app for the health sector. The  winner will also receive an offer for counseling from the Investment department at Forskningsparken, Kathrine Myhre informs.