The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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SOV1337: RedBull, Caffeine, Polyphasic sleep

SOV1337: RedBull, Caffeine, Polyphasic sleep

UiO: Campus TG stiller med et flott nattforedrag kl. 02.30 i auditoriet om koffein og søvn.

What is caffeine and how does it affect our bodies? Can a cup of coffee reduce the effects of not going to bed? Why do we sleep, anyway? Is it possible to sleep more efficiently? Do you really need to go to bed? This lecture introduces a study in the effects of your quest to evade downtime: sleep deprivation. In order to find the answer to how the TGers manage without sleep, UiO: Campus TG arranges an extensive survey of the sleep deprivation and the caffeines effect on cognitive abilites. With experiments and statistics we will answer the big question: do we need to sleep when we have coffee?