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Lectures from UiO - Friday

Lectures from UiO - Friday

UiO is holding a wide range of lectures. On Friday you can learn more about things like how to build a computer, take a crash course in Japanese, or maybe learn more about regular expressions.

UIO1101: Studying at UiO, what is it like?

A quick introduction to what it is like being a student at the University of Oslo.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, kl. 11:00

MEK1000: Building a computer

This course will be held by experienced PC builders from the Department of informatics at the Unviersity of Oslo. Participants will learn to combine parts that are suitable for each other (e.g. motherboards that are suited for a CPU) and how these parts are mounted.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 12:30

Lecture: Personalized video streaming based on search

To locate content in large video archives is a very computationally heavy and time demanding process. A search like for instance "show me all the tackles in the Tippeliga in April 2012" has until now demanded that you manually search through the archive sequentially and click on video after video. In future solutions we can generate personalized videos based on search, and play them back like a traditional playlist on MP3-players.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 14:30

FEM1000: Girls and IT – Questions and Answers

What is it like being a female in a male-dominated environment? And is studying IT fun?
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 15:00

JAP0100: Japanese Crash Course

Learn how to introduce yourself and get started in Japanese syllabary.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 15:30

PY1000: Your First Python Program

Python is a very flexible and all-round programming language. It’s quick to learn and easy to comprehend. This is a crash course where you’ll learn all the basic principles of basic programming with Python.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 16:00

PY2000: Intermediate Python Programming

The course builds on PY1000: Your First Python Program. In this course you’ll learn how you can use the basics you've learnt to do fun stuff.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 16:30

REG1000: Regular Expressions - Everybody stand back, I know Regular Expressions!

An introduction to some elements of regular expressions, and how to use Python's re module. The course is held in conjunction with PY1000 and PY2000 as a base for doing simple HTML parsing.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 17:00

SIG1000: Sampling and Signal Processing in Arduino

In this course we’ll look at how Arduino can be used to sample signals and what you need to consider when doing so. It's recommended that you have some prior knowledge of Arduino.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 17:30

LOD1000: Soldering Lab

We teach you how to solder a circuit with two different sounds.
Time and place: The stand, Friday, 18:00

GAME1000: Basic Game Programming in Processing

Learn how to handle keyboard and mouse input, draw vector shapes and bitmap images. No prior programming knowledge is required.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 18:00

GAME1010: Game Programming in Processing

Add sound, animated bitmaps and simply physics to add a finishing touch to your game. To attend this course, prior programming knowledge is recommended, that or you should have attended GAME1000: Basic Game Programming in Processing.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 18:30

TUX1000: Introduction to Desktop Environments in Linux

A quick and fun introduction to the different desktop enviroments available for linux: Gnome3, Unity, KDE4, XFCE, Enlightenment, Open Box and xmonad. We’ll see that there’s something for everyone's taste and computer.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 19:30

ÅPEN1000: Open Source

What is open source, what licenses are deemed open source, what’s the difference between Libre Software and open source, and what’s the advantage of developing on open source and what kinds of freedom does it give developers and companies working with it.
Time and place: Auditorium, Friday, 20:30